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Whether you want to ski in the world of winter wonders or soak up the wonders of one of the world’s greatest cultural Meccans, Austria: is a dream place. From trendy sidewalk cafes to stunning Baroque architecture, this little European treasure trove of boundless wonders lies within its borders.

Meanwhile Vienna is a real bucket list destination, it’s just one of the countless areas worth exploring in this diverse country. To really feel the best of Austria, you have to walk through the moving hills, walk through the lively streets, meet the hospitable locals.

Do you feel inspired? Here are 10 places in Austria (not Vienna).

Austria Lake Mondz


You will immediately recognize this region by the sound of music.

Known for its sparkling lakes, lush forests, and snow-covered villages like St. Wolfgang and Halstad, this place will make all your alpine dreams come true.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the alpine region of Salzkammergut has been popular with locals and tourists alike. With a magnificent mountain view in the background, the sparkling alpine lake of Hallstätter See is easily considered one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Europe.

Hallstatt Mountain Village Austrian Alps


One of the most picturesque places in Europe, the lakeside village of Halstat, takes your breath away at every step. Take the Hallstatt Skywalk for a stunning view from 350 meters (1150 feet) of downtown historic buildings.

If you can get away from the scene, head down to Salzwelten Hallstatt եք to learn about the amazingly interesting 7000 years of salt mining history.

Planning advice. Celebrate Christmas in Europe is one of my favorite winter excursions. If you are lucky enough to spend December in Austria, take my guide visiting the luxurious Christmas markets here.


Known as Mozart’s birthplace հավաք music collection, Salzburg is one of Austria’s top destinations.

Including 4000+ events in their cultural calendar each year, this city is the second cultural Mecca.

From street performers to world-class gilded opera performers, it is easy to see why Salzburg is known as the World Stage. Let’s be prepared to count your socks by countless talented Salzburgs.


The capital of Tyrol, located in the Nordkette Range, is one of the most beautiful places in Austria. Located in the mountains, next to the sparkling alpine lakes, Innsbruck is a paradise for nature lovers.

During the summer you can walk in the depths of the valleys to the tops of the highest mountains.

In colder seasons, this winter wonderland is a favorite of skiers. Sit on the ropeway to see an unforgettable view or ride your heart on a rough mountain bike.

Written in Austria


Alpbach, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, is known for being one of the best places to visit in Austria all year round. Being one of the best-kept villages in Tyrol, exploring the alpine village is like a step back in time.

Less than an hour from Innsbruck, Alpbach is the perfect day trip for skiing or hiking, or you can spend a week just soaking up the sun.

Planning advice. Whether Austria is famous for its ski resorts or Christmas markets, it is an equally wonderful summer destination. In fact, it is one The best destinations to travel to in August to have fun.

View of Lake Zeller See.  Alpine city center Zell am See

Zell am See:

For nature lovers, this piece of paradise, the land of alpine wonders in Zell-am-Ze, will take off your ski boots. Travel to Miterberg to see the perfect video of Lake Zell և Zell Am Ze Ze village.

One of the biggest attractions in the region is Schmittenhöhe, famous for its ski slopes and paragliders. For a more relaxed pace, take a walk around Lake Mirror at Plett Saukopf or take a day trip around Lake Zell.

Krimley Falls

No trip to Austria is complete without visiting Europe’s tallest waterfalls. Located about two and a half hours from Salzburg or Munich, it is an easy (և very expensive!) Diversion to add to your alpine adventures.

In the depths of Hohe Tauern National Park, this 380 m (1250 ft) high waterfall will take your breath away. Plan an entire day for a walk in the park, admiring famous mountains such as the 3657 m (12,000 ft) peaks of Grosvenediger.

The three-tier miracle is divided into sections called Botom Falls, Medium Falls, and Upper Falls. There are many attractions along the way, so make time to explore.


Whether it is the regional capital of Upper Austria, Linz is often overlooked for Vienna և Salzburg. Although it does not have the classic architecture of other famous cities in the country, it deserves a place on every Austrian travel route.

Discover the heart of the city around Hauptplatz և visit the historic sites of Altstadt.

When you see the core of the city, go and see what makes it a pillar of Europe’s key industrial cities. At Voestalpine Stahlwelt Museums you can check out Stahlwelt or Steel World during an interactive factory tour.

Maria Worth village on Lake Worthers in Carinthia, Austria

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