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One of the most underrated gems in the Mediterranean, Milos (or Melos, as it is sometimes written) is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. Just north of the Cretan Sea, you will find this beautiful island at the southernmost tip of the island of Cyclades.

One of my favorite things to do when it comes to travel. Sampling all the local delights. Greece has some of the best dishes on the planet, և you will want to eat from Milos և to the floor.

Here’s your guide to the best restaurants in Milos.

Planning Tip:

As a general note, Milos is the first in many places. This does not mean that places can not make reservations. there are some that you can book in advance, և if you can do it, I would recommend doing it.

However, some restaurants require that you enter your name և wait… even if it means two hours. So be sure to plan accordingly և Do not try to enter a restaurant when you are hungry.

That said, most places have great places to walk around or are near the beach, so it can be fun to wait. Just be sure to plan ahead, especially during the off-season.

Note that some of these places are seasonal, suitable for tourism, so they can be open only from summer to autumn.

Best Pool Restaurants near Milos

Polonia is the best place to eat և it’s a great place to start your day. It is right next to the port, from where many sailing excursions leave. On the day of our trip, we had a wonderful breakfast stop just before sailing.

Here are some places you will definitely want to try around Poland.

Kivotos ton Gefseon:

Come with chocolate նջ orange pies, then stay in the garden.

This small pastry shop opens at 8 a.m., closes at 14:00 in the evening for a siesta, then reopens from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. This is a friendly little place to start the day with sugar.


Enalion restaurant

One of the best restaurants on the island, this is a good place for lunch or dinner. If you are going to dinner, be sure to pre-order. You can have a table at the beginning of the day. We had one for lunch without reservation.

Try seafood every time you go. I used to eat the shrimp dish, that famous shrimp dish, it was one of my favorite foods for easy travel (which says a lot in Greece).


This place has incredible views of the water, their seafood is a dream. Wait for some turns where they take in local pleasures և add a unique twist to it. You will definitely want to call in advance for a reservation.

Best Plaka Restaurants in Milos

In Plaka we found quite high quality places for dinner. Here are some points I should definitely try: Be sure to dine overnight in Plaka (then visit the castle).


This was the best meal we had during the Greek escape.

We tried saganake shrimp, which is a common appetizer with fried cheese and seafood. You will see it all over Milos, but no one does it the way they do here. It is worth coming here just to taste this unforgettable delicious dish.

We also liked the traditional Greek atmosphere. And we were not alone in worshiping this place, so we had to book in advance. If you are just in the area, try to go on vacation or just be prepared to wait.

Bear Bear

We passed by and thought this place looked fabulous.

They have live music that takes place every night of the week և buzz atmosphere. We did not come to dinner, so I can not personally say about the food, but of course it is worth checking out for a drink.

Astakas restaurant

Located on Klima Beach, this is the place to go at sunset.

Or we went at the peak of the tourist season, we were able to walk through the door without waiting. There were many tables by the water, with a beautiful view of the nearby boats և sunset.

Oh Hamos! tavern

One of the establishments of the island, this is a traditional style restaurant with grandma’s home cooking and friendly staff.

Unlike many Greek restaurants, this place did not have seafood on its menu.

As a vegetarian, it seemed to me that it was a lot of meat, և the menu was limited. All cheeses, lamb, goat and other meats are made from their farm, which, however, is quite cool.

Although it is difficult to get rich greens in the Greek islands, we got a great salad with delicious green beans, spicy cheese and pea dishes. It was more than we could eat, it was amazing from start to finish.

There are no reservations here, so wait at the door. I would advise you to go as soon as possible to put your name.

It is not bad to wait after doing that. While we waited for about two hours (traveling during the busiest time of the year), we were able to go to the beach to sit or drink. We were able to watch the sunset, so we could hardly stand outside the door.

Just be aware that it is expected almost any time of the year, so get ready.

Aggeliki ice cream shop

Go here for dessert.

This traditional yogurt ice cream was one of my best dessert places. If Greece seems to be in love with waffles, you can come here for a cool treat. Ask for yogurt with sour cream և then thank.

It was good that I was still dreaming about it.

I liked the cool beach boho aesthetics of this little dinner place.

Best Restaurants near Paralia Paleochori

Sirocco volcanic all day restaurant

The hotspot of this flying beach is really next to the volcanic activity, they use that natural heat to cook fish and meat in the volcanic sand.

It’s a great idea when you order a pound of fish and then they cook it կ they will take you to the beach where you can see how the steam comes out. There is a thermostat to check the temperature, then it’s time to start cooking.

To make dinner, they dig a hole in the beach and then bury your fish.

When it starts to cook, you wait about 45 minutes to an hour for it to heat up. During that time we drank Aperol spritz and relaxed on the beach. We arrived 30 minutes before sunset, so we had a great view and enjoyed a long dinner.

We ordered a burrata appetizer և Greek salad with watermelon. One of the most important was the bottle of local Greek Sirocco rose that we tried.

It was a unique pink color that I did not see before.

Whether Sirocco is a little touristy on the expensive side (the fish cost about 60 euros per kilogram) was a great experience.

This is one of the only places in Milos that allows you to order a table online without email. mail or call, which is convenient. Just order from this popular place as soon as possible.

Psaravolada restaurant

Near Sirocco you can find Psaravolada Resort with its famous restaurant. It had a wonderful island view և high quality dishes. I personally did not have the opportunity to go, but it looked great.

Wondering what to order? Here is the Ten local dishes that you should try in Greece.

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