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Whether Mykonos or Santorini tend to steal the show, Milos is the best place on the beach for those who know. This gem of the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to having some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, has a rich history of 3000 years, high quality food and endless opportunities for adventure.

Away from the crowds of tourists who flock to the Greek islands every summer, Milos offers a glimpse into the true culture and unspoiled beauty of this remarkable region.

If you want to live a good life without breaking the bank, this is for you. Much more convenient for a wallet than the more famous Greek islands, Milos is an affordable luxury home.

Are you looking for a place under the sapphire seas of the Mediterranean? Here is your guide to the best beaches in Milos.

How to get there?

These are some of the best beaches you can get while driving… but I personally would not recommend a car, I would rather rent four cars.

Greece is famous for its secret coves and beaches, which can be reached only on foot.

Before you go, be sure to explore, as some places are quite steep և explore opinions on where you can park. This will help you in the long run.

Astakas Cafe Restaurant on Klima beach

Climate of the beach

Let’s start on the west side of the islands with Clima Beach. The colorful beach houses of this beautiful seaside town are the photographer’s dream. Known for its epic sunsets, this is the best place to come late in the afternoon.

Spend some time wandering through the rainbow of the beach houses, then dine. Astakas cafe restaurant. Be sure to book in advance so you can get a front row seat over the sea to enter the mother.

And leave your beach accessories at the hotel. Instead of swimming on the beaches, the climate is a strange city, perfect for wandering and soaking in the beauty.

Firopotamos, Milos, Greece


This is my new favorite place in Greece և you can recognize it from Mamma Mia. Just look at this turquoise water!

I could spend the whole day in the atmosphere of this beautiful sandy beach.

A traditional fishing village, it is easy to park in a square or scooter in Firopotamos, and then dive literally. You can jump off a cliff just outside St. Nicholas Church (which is a place you would like to cross to take a few pictures).

From the fishing area or Paralia Firopotamos you can swim to the sandy beach area և find a place for yourself.

Planning advice. As far as the Greek islands are concerned, there are few amenities nearby. Firopotamos has no restaurants or cafes, so make a feast if you want to stay for a while.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece

Sarakiniko beach

Welcome to the most famous coastal area of ​​Milo. As someone who has been chasing summer sun forever, I have been more than just my fair share of beaches. I can tell you for sure that this is one of the best beaches in the world.

However, I’re not the only one who knows about this wonderful place. During the high season, Saracinico Beach becomes crowded.

Photography tips. If you want to take pictures without people, go to the beginning or immediately after. For marine shots, you will be able to take better pictures later in the day when the sun is higher. I’ve seen some people get great shots right at sunset. After all, it depends on what style of photography you are looking for.

As for relaxing on the beach, there is not much room to lie here. Basically, you are looking at a sandy area that can accommodate ten people, while everyone else is resting on the rocks.

Reflecting the white rocks, it swells absolutely without windy days. If you want to lie down, bring plenty of sunscreen.

Or I would say in general that this is not the best place to take a sunbath, it is a beach to dream of swimming.

There is no electricity supply, so it is suitable for children և perfect for just freezing in the water. From here you can swim quite far to the sea before a big wave hits.

Need an adrenaline rush? Saracinico Beach մեկ This is a great place to dive into the rocks.

If you arrive early, bring a picnic or a snack before you leave. There is a food truck that will arrive around 10 in the morning. You will find it on the edge of the parking lot (about 15 minutes from the beach) և it has a delicious selection of local dishes. We caught cheese slices, fresh watermelon and water.


Papafragas ար Paparod

If all the guides send you to Papafragas, I found Paparodi Shore to be a better place. There is a beautiful arched beach area, which is the perfect base for your day.

I would recommend starting at Paparodi Shore, staying there for a while on the beach, then swimming in Papafragas.

Although Papafragas is beautiful, the entrance seemed a bit contoured. They have a ladder inside, but it has a rope. However, you can easily reach it from the water, և it seems to be a better way.

Polonia on the island of Milos


When it comes to sandy beaches, Polonia has some of the most impressive parts of the coast. This adorable little fishing village in the north marked all the boxes for a perfect day at sea. You will find local seaside restaurants along the sandy beaches and lots of chairs.

There is easy parking nearby, so you can enter without difficulty (which is not always the case on the islands). If you are looking for a family-friendly beach, put this on your list!

Jigrado beach

On arrival you will find the same route that takes you to Jigrado Beach as it takes you to Firiplaca Beach. We chose Jigrado Beach to get good lighting for the photos.

Easily one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life, Tsigrado Beach is surrounded by caves with lots of swimming. This is a popular place to sail, և easy to understand why on arrival.

And with that in mind, coming to these beaches is not for the faint of heart. As you exit the parking lot, you will find two steps to descend in this small crack in the rock.

The stairs are in a completely deplorable condition, there are no stairs at each stage. Fortunately, there are ropes along the side,: you will want to keep that rope all the way.

Jigrado beach

If you look closely, you can see a ladder at the bottom right.

As you descend this extremely steep cliff, you will leave one staircase and go to another. This equally steep second level takes you through loose sand.

The second staircase was especially terrifying. It is almost completely vertical, so you hang on to the edge of the cliff and find that the top step is missing.

I am 5-9 years old, my back was hanging in the air when I grabbed the rope, I was trying to reach the first step of the stairs. It was very contemplative և certainly not for all ages.

Gradually you will find two different groups of people – terrified tourists – locals trying to hurry them.

When you go down, it’s absolutely amazing. The beach is wonderful for exploring the countless caves and water created for swimming.

Don’t you want to hang on to the rocks? From Firiplaka beach you can rent a bay և travel by sea. This is a much more affordable beach և the perfect base for the day. You can relax in Fyriplaka, sail to Jigrado and then back.

Fyriplaka Beach Milos Greece

Firiplaka beach

This easily accessible sandy beach is a great stop. It is perfect for children և is the main destination of the sunset.

You will find a car park right next to the shore, there are no steep cliffs to climb. Once you get there, you will find many options for renting water sports equipment, such as beach chairs. When you are ready to eat, you can have snacks and drinks from the beach cafe-bar.

Sirocco Volcanic All Day restaurant next to Paralia Paleochori

Paralia Paleochori

Another wonderful beach place to spend all day is Paralia Paleochori. This was the southeast beach we got to, we just got there for dinner. It would be nice to arrive early in the afternoon and then stay until dinner if we had more time.

It is a quiet beach with a sandy beach and lots of things to do. Covered beach chairs are for rent, then, if you feel ambitious, you can rent sports equipment և boats.

Right next to Sirocco Volcano you will find a restaurant that is open 24 hours a day so you can arrive for lunch and then stay until dinner and after that.

Are you thinking of flying to the island? Keep reading with me A quick guide to the best Greek islands to visit.

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