“He knows I’m coming to him”

According to: Colby Covington, fight against Dustin Poirier is the only fight that would make sense for him against his rank Kamaru Study:,

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Colby Covington firmly asserted that he would destroy Usman on November 6 at Madison Square Garden. After defeating the reigning UFC welterweight champion, Chaos seems determined to move Poirier.

“Guys, there is only one fight to be had after I completely destroy Marty Fakenewsman, throw him in the head, give him a live wedding at Madison Square Garden on November 6. These are the boys of the fight. He and his family are the garbage in the Louisiana swamp. ”

Colby Covington later went to Poirier, saying he was a “fake handsome boy.” “Chaos” fired shots at his former teammate, calling him a dirty bag, indicating that Poirier would be exposed.

“He’s a fake handsome guy off the camera, he’s a piece off the camera. I saw this guy, I know how he is, I saw how he treats other people. He’s a piece of sh * t he’s a dirty bag, I’ll expose him. He said he was there, I thought he was there guys, why is he silent now? “Because he knows I’m coming for him.”

Watch Colby Covington interview below.

Colby Covington is constantly shooting at Dustin Poirier

Colby Covington և Dustin Poirier were former teammates on the American Top Team before Chaos took place in the gym. Since then, Covington has not only fired at his opponent Jorge Masvidal, who also trains in the ATT, but also at Poirier.

Prior to Poirier’s third fight against Conor McGregor, Covington released sparring footage of the “Diamond” falling on another fighter during training. The UFC in the middleweight division has also hit the Poirier family hard in the past, which is like the latest scandal.

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