Fantasy Cricket Tips, Today’s Playing 11 and Pitch Report for Royal London Cup, Match 22:

Kent will face Lancashire in the 22nd match of the Royal Cup in London on Wednesday in Buckenham, Kent County.

Kent had a disastrous opening game, և undefeated after two games. They lost the last game against Worcestershire by three wickets.

Lankashir, on the other hand, won both of their opening matches. They beat Gloucestershire by six shots in their last game.

KET vs LAN Possible game 11 today


Olli Robinson (c) (Saturday), Tawanda Muayy, Heino Koon, George Orge Munsey, Harry Finch, Marcus O’Riordan, Darren Stevens, Grant Stewart, Matt Milns, James Ames Logan, Matthew Quinn


Keaton enn Ensings, osh osh Bohannon, Luke Wells, Rob ones ounce, Stephen Croft, George Orj Balderson, George Orj Lavel (Saturday), Danny Lamb, Tom Bailey (c), Liam Hert, Jack and Morley

Game details:

KET vs LAN, Royal London Cup Match 19:

Date և time: July 28, 2021, at 15:30 IST

Location: Kent County Cricket Area, Beckenham

Voice report

Kent County Cricket Ground is a beating paradise, և high scores are extremely common here. The average score of the first innings in this match is 330, և bowlers must be really disciplined. Pacers can expect a good jump on the swing track.

The best choices of today’s KET vs LAN Dream11 game


Although Oliver George Lor-Robinson has not yet reached his best form with the bat, he was excellent with the trunks է a safe choice for the position of goalkeeper.


George ors Mansi was absolutely brilliant in the first two meetings, he has already made 204 runs. He dropped four runs a century ago in his first game against Kent, but most recently ran 108 against Worcestershire.

Harry Finch was also in top form with the bat. He recently ran 84 against Worcester.


Darren Stevens ran 23 yards for Kent in his last game against Worcestershire. He took a nap in the first game.

Marcus O’Riordan can be a quality manifold. He has already taken a wicket և he can run with a bat.


Danny Lamb has been great for Lancashire. In both games, he not only scored seven goals, but also scored 86 goals.

Liam Hurt has already scored four goals in two games and is a great Victorian.

Top 5 best players to choose from KET vs LAN Dream11 prediction team

Danny Lamb (LAN) – 340 points

George Lonely Moon (KET) – 270 points

Harry Finch (KET) – 191 points

Liam Hert (LAN) – 137 points

Tom Bailey (LAN) – 119 points

Strong statistics for the KET vs LAN Dream11 prediction team

Danny Lamb. 86 runs և 7 wickets

George Lodge Munsey. 204 runs

Harry Finch. 148 runs

Liam Hert. 14 runs և 4 wickets

Tom Bailey. 45 runs և 2 wickets

KET vs LAN Dream11 Forecast today

KET vs LAN Dream11 Fantasy Offer # 1:
KET vs LAN Dream11 Fantasy Offer # 1:

Fantasy offer number 1: Oliver George Orge-Robinson, George Orge Munsey, Harry Finch, Luke Wells, Keaton Ennings, Darren Stevens, Marcus O’Riordan, Stephen Croft, Danny Lamb, Liam Hert, Tom Bailey

Captain. Danny Lamb, Vice-Captain. George Hole Monsieur

KET vs LAN Dream11 Fantasy Suggestion # 2:
KET vs LAN Dream11 Fantasy Suggestion # 2:

Fantasy Suggestion # 2: Oliver George Lorge-Robinson, George Lorge Munsey, Harry Finch, Keaton Ennings, Darren Stevens, Marcus O’Riordan, Stephen Croft, Danny Lamb, Liam Hert, Tom Bailey, Matthew Quinn

Captain. Keaton enn enings, Vice-Captain. Liam Hert

Edited by Sankalp Srivastavan

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