Sudan wants UN Security Council to consider Ethiopian Nile Dam | Egypt News:

Sudan: Egypt wants the international community to intervene in Ethiopia’s plans ahead of the dam’s second filling this summer.

Sudan has asked the UN Security Council to meet to discuss the dispute over a giant Ethiopian dam on the Blue Nile.

Ethiopia is pinning its hopes on economic development and electricity generation on the Greater Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), while the two power-hungry countries, Egypt and Sudan, are concerned about a binding agreement to fill the dam.

Egypt relies on the Nile for 90 percent of its fresh water; the dam is seen as an existential threat.

Sudan is concerned about the operation of its own Nile dams and waterworks.

On Tuesday, Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi called on the Security Council to convene as soon as possible to discuss GERD և “its impact on the security and safety of millions of people”.

In the letter, al-Mahdi called on the head of the council to urge Ethiopia to stop the “unilateral” filling of the dam, “which is exacerbating the conflict, a threat to regional and international peace and security.”

Ethiopian officials have not yet commented on the letter.

Earlier this month, Sudan and Egypt agreed to work together at all levels to negotiate a “serious” agreement to push for Ethiopia, after the African Union-sponsored talks stalled.

Both countries called on the international community to intervene.

Arab countries have called on the Security Council to consider the dispute երը Ethiopia’s plans to continue filling the dam for the second time this summer, even without the consent of Sudan: Egypt.

Ethiopia has rejected the Arab League resolution in its entirety.

Arab League envoy to the UN Maghid Abdel Fattah said Tuesday night that Sudan and Egypt were working on a draft Security Council resolution if Ethiopia did not reach an agreement.

The Arab countries will work for the approval of the draft resolution.

Ethiopia has previously rejected calls from Egypt and Sudan for mediators outside the African Union.

In early June, Sudan announced that a multi-billion dollar interim agreement on special terms was open.

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