On June 21, the viewing and evaluation of the episodes were revealed

WWE RAW: On Sunday, it released its strong Hell in a Cell pay-per-view show as the company continues to build on its return to WWE space next month. But how did that relate to television viewing?

According to Brandon Thurston of: WrestlingThis week’s WWE RAW broadcast brought in 1.719 million viewers, down from 1.742 million last week. Given one of the best episodes of this year’s WWE RAW, the fact that their number did not increase last week should be considered disappointing.

The WWE RAW show stays the same as last week

When it comes to the strongest 18-49 shows, WWE RAW remained even last week at 0.49. So while this week’s viewing declined, they were able to maintain a consistent display that should be considered a red brand victory.

Our watch և համար’s display numbers are not currently available on last night’s episode of WWE RAW, so it would be impossible for us to know at this point whether the main “Hell in the Cell” event is holding the viewer in throughout the broadcast.

WWE RAW opened this week with the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley V MVP in the VIP lounge – the victory of the “Highest” in “Hell” to watch the mobile salary. It didn’t take long for New Day members to Kofi Kingston և Xavier Woods to get involved, which led to Kingston challenging Lashley at Money in the Bank.

The opening part led to the main event of the evening as Xavier Woods went one-on-one with WWE champion Bobby Lashley in a non-title game inside Hell in a Cell.

What did you think of WWE RAW last night? What was your favorite match or snippet? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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