Michael Vaughn wants the ashes to be cut off if England players can’t travel with family

Michael Vaughn became the last former cricketer to support the English players after it became clear that they might have to travel without their families.

Previous: England: The captain shared his views on Twitter, saying that the ashes should be called if the English players do not have a family in Australia.

A report by the Daily Mail has revealed how England’s multi-format players can be forced to stay away from their families for up to four months. The season could see England players stay away from their favorites from September, when the T20 World Cup begins, to mid-January, when the ashes end.

Australia has closed its borders to foreign travelers to limit the spread of COVID-19, thus making the UK’s travel plans uncertain.

This difficult situation has caused players like Michael Vaughn and others Kevin Petersen Speaking to the England team, he suggested that it would be understandable if any of them gave up on the ashes due to travel restrictions.

Cricket Australia is working on a solution for the England players

Although the situation has caused a great deal of outrage over the past few days, a Cricket Australia spokesman spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the issue. He reiterated that the body is lobbying the government and will make a decision soon.

“It’s only June, England will not arrive until November. “We will go through the same process as we did with India last summer,” he said.

The Indian troops were allowed to travel with their families when the team arrived in Australia earlier this year for a full-size tour. A few months away from the ashes, it is likely that Cricket Australia will be able to negotiate such a deal with the government when the England team is under siege.

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