King Corbyn praises former WWE star (Exclusive)

Probably no one enters WWE: collects as much heel heat as: King CorbinThe man who lost his crown SmackDown: He is probably the most disgraced heel in the WWE lately, which, according to some, can testify to how good he is at his job.

But behind the trick, King Corbyn is a great guy, նախկին Former WWE superstar Westin Blake told us so much in an exclusive interview. You can read the whole conversation by clicking on the link below.

Westin Blake և Steve Cutler were both excited to work with WWE SmackDown King Corbyn

Westin Blake and King Corbyn have known each other since they were on NXT, so the first one was excited to be part of the lone wolf knights.

“He was one of the guys I rode with when I first got there. He was at the FCW in Tampa for a while before I got there. So just his perception of business, what he was thinking, how he was thinking, seeing things go on, was very interesting to me. He was very good to me and could help me. “Things like that gave me a good response,” Blake said.

Both Blake and Cutler were really driven to work with King Corbyn, that’s why it was from Westin Blake.

“Corbin is someone who is in SmackDown every Friday. He’s in front of your TV every week և և things like that. He is very hardworking. He’s one of the most talented and successful players on the NXT. So it was a lot of fun. spend some time under his study tree. ”

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