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Free fire esports is growing rapidly in the South Asian market. The demand for mobile sports has been particularly significant in India.

With that in mind, Garena continues to bring local events to the Indian market, giving Indian players and teams the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a larger platform.

It is the last in the long list of Indian tournaments Free Fire Pro League 2021 SummerA massive prize fund of 35 la is allocated to the prestigious event. As soon as the qualifying rounds are over, it is time to watch the main event, which is scheduled to start on June 26.

There will be 18 teams in the group stage, which are equally divided between groups A, B և C Indian Fire Free Championship 2021 Spring were directly invited to the event, while the other teams qualified through FFC mode.

Groups Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer

Group A:

  1. Galaxy Racer:
  2. S8UL:
  3. Captains
  4. PVS Sports:
  5. Life Hackers:
  6. General Game Esports:

Group B:

  1. Last breath
  2. TeamD Official:
  3. AFF Sports:
  4. Team chaos
  5. Divine
  6. 4 unknown LvL

Group C:

  1. Survivor 4 AM:
  2. Sixth sense
  3. LvL logo:
  4. Team elite
  5. Yakuza elders
  6. OP boys

Schdeule FFPL 2021 summer

The 18 teams will compete against each other for six days in a round horse. At the end of the last day, the top 12 teams in the overall standings will be selected for the final round of the event.

  • Day 1. A vs B (June 26)
  • Day 2: B vs C (June 27)
  • Day 3. C vs A (July 3)
  • Day 4. A vs B (July 4)
  • Day 5: B vs C (July 10)
  • Day 6. C vs A (July 11)
  • Big finals. July 18

Where և when to watch?

FFPL 2021 Summer will be broadcast on Free Fire Esports India’s official YouTube channel on the day of each match from 6pm to IST.

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