Gaza factions warn that delay in aid could turn into fighting | Gaza News

Palestinian groups say they reject the idea of ​​linking the reconstruction of Gaza to a prisoner-of-war deal with Israel.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have warned Israel not to delay lifting restrictions on a Hamas-controlled coastal enclave and obstructing reconstruction. last month’s devastating attacks,

The warning came on Tuesday after leaders of various factions in the Gaza Strip met in the Hamas office to discuss the latest developments in the Israeli-Hamas ceasefire in May, which ended an 11-day Israeli offensive in Gaza.

The Palestinian factions presented a list of demands to Israel, which included the reopening of the border crossings, which allows them to move financial assistance from Qatar, ացումը Reopening of Gaza Fishing Zone.

The factions warned that if Israel refused to comply with their demands, they would resume operations. fiery balloons enter Israel ել organize demonstrations with Israel near the fence.

The groups also threatened the curtains to resume rocket fire.

Captive exchange

Palestinian factions have said they reject attempts to link reconstruction efforts in Gaza to the exchange of prisoners.

“We will not accept pressure on our people or any attempt to link files with each other,” the statement said.

Israel has demanded that Hamas extradite two Israeli civilians to the bodies of two soldiers detained by the group.

Israeli media also reported that UN mediators in Egypt had told Hamas that the reconstruction of Gaza should be linked to prisoner exchange agreement With Israel.

“Our people are ready to challenge, to introduce more equations. “Our great people will never be silent, the enemy will see that we are ready for all options, we will resist it by all popular means,” the factions added.

Talal Abu Arifan, a senior member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, told Anadolu Agency that as long as Israel wants to rebuild Gaza and open its passage to an Israeli military exchange, the Palestinians will not agree.

“The Iers invaders are against the Palestinian captives,” said Abu If Arifa.

In a separate statement, the leader of Hamas in Gaza Yahya Sinvar “The enemy will not succeed in its policy of blackmail, we will not accept pressure on our people or attempts to bind files.”

According to Gaza, Wael al-Dahdouh, a correspondent for Al-Azira, said that the Palestinian factions had agreed to allow the mediators to find a solution, but added that “resistance” was ready for any possible resumption of hostilities.

UN talks “failed”

The meeting took place a day after Hamas said what it said conversations The humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip has failed.

Sinwar said a meeting in Gaza with a high-level UN delegation, including UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Thor Venezland, was “completely negative” and accused Israel of “Palestinian factions, including Hamas.” blackmail “, situation in Gaza.

Recent developments come from Israel և Less than a month after Hamas agreed to a ceasefire ending Israel’s 11-day offensive on Gaza on May 21.

The Israeli attack killed at least 256 Palestinians, including 66 children. Thirteen people have been killed in Israel, including two children.

Israeli attacks have also destroyed 1,148 residential and commercial units in Gaza, partially damaging 15,000, leaving more than 100,000 civilians displaced in UN-run schools and other host communities.

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