Every Hell Class in Mobile WWE Tournament Instead of Paid Watching

Hell in a cell is usually one of the most enjoyable encounters in WWE. Usually, when a dispute gets out of control, it can no longer be contained in a normal game, the superstars confront each other inside the satanic structure.

Over the last decade, the concept of the game has changed since “Cell Cell Pays Per View”. Instead of the usual meetings that take place at different times of the year, they take place on a fixed night. Nevertheless, for a good period of 20 years, the Hell on Cell meeting usually took place on a paid basis.

2021 saw that change, as there have been two recent episodes of SmackDown և RAW episodes.

The following are the times when hell was played in a mobile game on regular TV, instead of paid viewing, classified. It should be noted that there was another hell with RAW in 2011 in a mobile game that was not broadcast on television.

# 4 Hell in mobile game. Kane v. Humanity, RAW, August 24, 1998

One of the episodes of WWE RAW, Kane և: HumanityTo put it mildly, the game was unusual. WWE made a few mistakes when “Hell” first became its own in a mobile game. It was extremely popular due to the first few issues of the meeting.

Hell in the fourth mobile game, Kane confronted humanity with RAW inside the building. The game was short, it became clear later that WWE used it to attract the attention of the fans, no more.

The match ended with No Contest, something that was unbelievable at the time.

Kane և Mankind was in the team at the time, but the team split, so WWE ordered a game to sell it. The former seemed ready to win, but “Cold Stone” Steve Austin came out of hiding in the ring. He attacked Kane while The Undertaker tried to enter the ring from some part of the cage, but was unable to do so.

Overall, it was a mess, but an interesting meeting.

# 3 Hell in mobile game. Undertaker և Steve Austin v. Mankind and Kane, RAW, June 15, 1998

Meeting a team labeled inside hell is not always the best idea. But D-Generation X, Legacy, New day, և Usos proved it wrong with team meetings with amazing tagging inside the structure.

However, at the time, WWE did not know how to fix it; it simply put their four best wrestlers in a cell at once.

The meeting was the second hell in a mobile game և WWE used the upcoming payment to sell it for viewing where The Undertaker met humanity inside the building. That meeting went down in history as one of the most productive of all time, but it would not be mentioned many times.

The game was light, meaningless to condemn.

# 2 Hell in mobile game. Roman reigns (c) vs. Ray Misterio World Cup, SmackDown, June 18, 2021

Nearly 23 years after the last cell phone hell for paid viewing, It is Roman standing Mr. King Inside the devilish structure of SmackDown. Raines was originally scheduled to meet Mysterio in Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, but the meeting was postponed.

Rainer had killed Misterio’s son, Dominic, in recent weeks, and Ray wanted revenge. For most of the meeting, he dominated the “rib boss” using every weapon available to him.

The kingdoms seemed to be struggling for most of the fight,, Mysterio prevailed, but it would not. The world champion returned with a dominant victory. He bombarded the ring from wall to wall before locking the opposite guillotine to push him out.

# 1 Hell in mobile game. Xavier Woods v. Bobby Lashley, RAW, June 21, 2021

The meeting in between Bobby Lashley և: Xavier Woods During WWE RAW, perhaps the best hell was a mobile game during a WWE TV game. The fight was for Woods to prove that he can depend on the best of the best.

However, for Leslie և MVP, it was an opportunity to remove Kofi Kingston’s boyfriend from a photo titled “Money in the Bank” in their title contest. The Almighty was exhausted when he met Drew McIntyre inside the cell last night. He did not let that stop him, he showed an impressive show.

Meanwhile, Xavier Woods completely stole the show. He attacked Lashley with everything he had, and even put her across the table with an elbow drop on the top rope. Unfortunately, that was not enough. Leslie used Hurt Lock հետո after a contemptuous spear forced Woods to knock.

Even after the game, Woods would later be punished by Lashley, as Kofi Kingston had to watch from the outside.

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