Dinesh Karthik gives weather updates for the 6th day in Southampton

Indian bat and commentator Dinesh Kartik He called himself quite a “meteorologist” WTC final, giving fans daily updates up to Southampton. The 36-year-old football player once again announced on social media what the weather will be like for the last day’s game in the Hampshire Bowl.

The 6th day will be the reserve day, as decided by the ICC to compensate for the loss of time due to rain during the WTC final. And, according to Kartik, the forecast is bright, all 98 overs are expected to be completed.

This will help relieve fans who have been disappointed so far by the interruption of rain in the WTC final, which filled the cricket for two days.

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The WTC final remained balanced ahead of the 6th day

Despite losing considerable time in the WTC final, all three results are still mathematically possible before the start of the backup day. New Zealand started 102-2 on the 5th day and hoped to be ahead of the big leaders.

However, some brilliant bowling by Mohamed Shami was accompanied by excellent changes in bowling by the captain տեղադր Virat Colin ensured that New Aland անդlandia was the sleek leader in 32 runs. The tail of the opposition once again slightly disappointed the Indian team.

India lost several wickets due to some sensational rolling by Tim South. But with Captain Kohli քում experienced in the fold of Cheteshwar Pujara, they will hope to gain a 32-run advantage.

New Zealand can win the WTC final if they provoke the collapse of Indian fighters and pursue the target. However, even India has a chance to win if they beat two sessions well and then hang carrots for New Zealand to tempt them to chase.

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