Top 3 Needs to Be Tackled by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2021 NBA Season

In: Charlotte Hornets head to: NBA: a number of off-season problems that cannot be solved with just one or two steps on the list. LaMelo Ball: և Gordon Hayward are the cornerstones of the privileges, և they need a lot of help next season in 2020-21. to make the campaign more successful.

Going down from the fifth place of the Eastern Conference opened the 10th place with a record of 33-39, which showed us the biggest needs of the team.

What are Charlotte Hornets looking for?

From attack to defense, Charlotte Hornets need new staff who will be able to overcome them in the team, to reach the playoffs, where they have not been since 2016. They have some pieces, but changes are being made so that this team can reach its potential

A long training camp will solve most of them, but they still have to find new blood, hopefully veterans who are excited about the new era of Charlotte Hornets basketball.

1. Center

Alex Len # 27 blocks Bismack Biyombo # 8's kickback.
Alex Len # 27 blocks Bismack Biyombo # 8’s kickback.

Charlotte Hornets has had one of the brightest issues of the season depth in the central position, The combination of Cody Zeller and Bismack Biyombo did not just make fans remember the days when Alonzo Mourning controlled the paint.

Both are unlimited free agents, և a safe bet on the fact that neither of them will be returned in Charlotte Hornets uniform until Zeller is considered only in reserve status. Last year’s conscription nullified Vernon Kerry Jr. և Nick Richards, but none of them left an indelible impression.

The best case scenario is for the Charlotte Hornets to look for someone like Sacramento Kings Richon Holmes or New York Knicks Nerlens Noel. Holmes is a more polished striker, but each of them could strengthen the team’s internal defense.

2. Versatile arm player

Team Hardaway Jr. # 11 is looking for a pass when he is pressed at # 33 by Brodrick Thomas.
Team Hardaway Jr. # 11 is looking for a pass when he is pressed at # 33 by Brodrick Thomas.

Virtually every team needs a 3rd և 3rd in their roster, you can count on Charlotte Hornets being in need. But they can only afford a multifaceted weapon that can change the “small attacker” of the firing range, threatening to overthrow the three.

Some of the more interesting options are Tim Hardaway Jr., Gary Trent Jr., Evan Fournier և Norman Powell. Can any of these players help the Charlotte Hornets compete better with other teams by securing outside kicks in depth?

Because Terry Rosier is a small-scale shooting guard, the Charlotte Hornets need a larger shooting guard who can be part of a potentially large squad without sacrificing their offense.

3. Additional points

Miles Bridges # 0 reacts after the game against the Washington Wizards.
Miles Bridges # 0 reacts after the game against the Washington Wizards.

The Charlotte Hornets had the worst offense this season. They were 23rd with an average of 109.5 points. Although Gordon Hayward’s La Mello Ball injuries in the second half of the campaign greatly contributed to their attack, more points are still needed.

Hayward scored 20+ points at the start of the season, but his health deteriorated in his subsequent performances. Malik Monk was supposed to keep a few points behind the bench, but he was far from reliable.

In his last 16 games, Miles Bridges has shown that he can be the answer to the Charlotte Hornets’ lack of goals, averaging 21.0 points per game from 50.8% and 42.0% from three. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to do so consistently.

Otherwise, the Charlotte Hornets will have to look elsewhere for a 20-point striker who can lighten the load from Hayward և Terry Rosier. Whether they get one or two players to do that, the fact is that the Hornets have to be on the hunt for strikers this season.

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