Putin accuses US of plotting “coup d’etat” in Ukraine in 2014 Vladimir Putin News:

In a column for a German magazine, the Russian president blamed Washington for ousting Yanukovych.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the 2014 popular uprising that ousted former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was the result of a “coup” organized by the United States and backed by Washington’s European allies, as he called for. expand cooperation on the continent.

In an article in the German newspaper Die Zeit marking the 80th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, Putin described Yanukovych’s ouster as an “unconstitutional armed coup.”

Moscow has long accused the United States of causing unrest in Ukraine, where tensions with neighboring Russia have risen since Yanukovych, a pro-Kremlin leader, was ousted.

Following his ouster in February 2014, Russia seized control of the Gulf of Aden and provided support to separatist fighters when an armed conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine.

The dynamics of the post-Cold War, which left countries with an “artificial choice” between moving to the West or to Russia, created the “Ukrainian tragedy,” Putin wrote.

“Why did the United States stage a coup? Why did European countries weakly support it, leading to the split of Ukraine itself and the withdrawal of Rome?” he said.

“The whole European security system is now seriously degraded. “Tensions are rising, and the risks of a new arms race are becoming real.”

Putin’s comment follows his long-awaited expectations Gene Neva Summit last week with his US counterpart Biden, during which the couple pledged to try to lay the groundwork for further arms control deals and return their respective ambassadors to their posts.

Prior to the talks, both sides said there was unlikely to be much progress at the lowest levels of post-war relations between Russia and the West.

Putin looks at “comprehensive partnership with Europe”

He was the leader of Russia praise quickly Biden praised the US President’s professionalism after the meeting.

But the Kremlin has warned that there are still serious points of disagreement between Moscow and Washington, particularly over Ukraine’s role in NATO, the Transatlantic Security Alliance, which Biden has strongly committed to the United States in European affairs.

In his statement, Putin noted that Russia and the European powers are “losing the huge opportunities that cooperation gives us” because of their icy relations.

“That [cooperation] “It’s so important now that we all face common challenges: the epidemic and its severe socio-economic consequences,” he wrote in a section also published in the Kremlin. website,

“The whole post-war history of Greater Europe confirms that the prosperity and security of our common continent is possible only through the joint efforts of all countries, including Russia,” Putin added, referring to his nation’s “culturally-historically inseparable ties with Europe.” »

“I repeat again. “Russia stands for the restoration of a comprehensive partnership with Europe.”

The Russian leader noted that Moscow and other European capitals could work together on a number of issues of mutual interest, including security, energy, technology and the environment.

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