Carl Nasib announces through Instagram video that he is gay

Las Vegas Raiders DE: Carl Nasib went public today as a gay man through his Instagram account. This makes him the only openly gay player in the NFL.

Carl Nasib makes a huge announcement on Instagram

His: video“He does not do it for attention, but I think representation is important,” he said. He also announced a $ 100,000 donation to the organization Trevor project, a non – profit organization focused on preventing the suicide of LGBT youth.

Some people may call the Carl Nassib label the only openly gay player in the NFL to remember it Michael Sam, Sam appeared before the 2014 NFL but never received a regular season bid. There were also NFL players who retire as soon as they retire. Carl Nassib is likely to be portrayed by the LGBT community as a source of hope and positivity, as he is a well-known NFL և family name.

Penn State native’s 28-year-old PA was originally drafted by the Cleveland Browns as the 2016 Round 3 pick. He was named Big Ten DPOY և Consensus All-American in 2015. In his first NFL game, he recorded a bag, three rebounds, a backhand և in Pepsi NFL. Tampa Bay took him out in September 2018, where he would continue to record career highs of 6.5 bags with վնաս 12 loss losses. In 2020, Carl Nasib signed a three-year contract with the Raiders worth $ 25 million.

You can learn more about Trevor:

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