Belgium, Denmark reach the knockout stage of Euro 2020 News

The Red Devils will face the third-placed team in the last 16 games, as Denmark qualifies the Russian team 4. After the victory with a score of 1.

Finland fought bravely, but two goals from Belgium condemned them on Monday in St. Petersburg 2. Looking forward to a 0-0 defeat, whether their championship will continue in Euro 2020.

A draw would have given Finland a Group B runner-up behind perfect Belgium, but goalkeeper Lucas Hradekki, who had an inspiring game, was helpless when Thomas Vermaelen headed in a cross from the post and the ball bounced off the net 15 minutes later. ,

Finland’s last hopes for an automatic qualifier came to an end when Romelu Lukaku opened fire on another և they finished third in Group B.

They have to wait and see if they are one of the top four third-place finishers in the last 16.

“We did not reach the goal today to get at least one point from the group stage, so we are disappointed in that respect,” said Finland coach Markku Kanerva.

“But overall, I’m very proud of the work the team has done, the work they have done today against a strong team.”

“Back to zero”

Belgium, the world number one, will meet the third-ranked team in Seville on Sunday, while Denmark will play Wales in Amsterdam the day before.

“Until now, everything was fine, but now it is back to zero,” said Belgian Kevin De Bruyne. “We have to see who we will play. “We are in good shape, we will see what happens.”

Belgian coach Roberto Martinez said he was delighted with his team’s game.

“Three victories, three professional performances, three different styles,” Martinez said, referring to previous group victories over Russia (3-0) and Denmark (2-1).

“90 minutes to see Axel և Eden, և Kevin was almost 90 minutes on the pitch, it was very satisfying. In addition, each outgoing player played in these three games. “It’s a great time to move on to the next game.”

Denmark’s Andreas Christensen celebrates his third goal when Russian players look desperate [Hannah Mckay/Reuters]

Denmark 4: He defeated Russia by 1 point, taking the second place with the difference of goals, leaving Russia to the last three teams, three points behind Belgium, 9th.

In the first game, after the collapse of Christian Eriksen, “after two defeats suffered by the hosts at home, Denmark was finally able to celebrate in front of their rude and delusional fans at Parken Stadium.”

“If anyone deserves it, it’s our players,” said Denmark coach Casper Hulmand. “I can not imagine how they could get back on track. Such a big credit to the boys. “

Eriksen, who does not have number 10 for the national team, had a heart attack and had to be resuscitated with a defibrillator. He was discharged from hospital on Friday.

Denmark is expected to meet Wales in Amsterdam on Saturday. And the tournament, which started with so much tragedy, could still turn into a victory.

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