Where to Find Eevee in Pokemon GO

Eevee is a normal type of Pokémon from the Kanto area Pokemon GO:,

There are eight different Pokemon in which Eevee turns into 25 candies when fed. These Pokemon are Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon և Sylveon.

The best moves for Eevee in Pokemon GO are Quick Attack և Last Resort. The combination of this movement has the highest overall DPS, which is good for Pokemon in PVP battles, Raids և gyms.

Eevee is vulnerable to Fighting Pokemon, but resistant to Ghost-type, which is a great addition to Pokeex, especially when you are preparing to fight Team GO Rocket.

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Where Eevee lays eggs in Pokemon GO

Because Eevee is a normal type of Pokemon, it can spawn almost anywhere in Pokemon GO. Unlike a special type of Pokemon, it is not limited to sports arenas or power stations. With that in mind, when finding Eevee, players need to focus on the most populated areas.

Eevee is not difficult to catch in Pokemon GO, the base capture rate is 40% և the base escape rate is 10%. This means that most coaches, even beginners, will be able to capture the wild Eevee relatively easily.

Eevee boosts partly cloudy weather with Pokemon GO. In such weather, players have the best chance of catching in the wild.

Players can catch Eevee using candies like Razz Berries, which will make Pokemon more obedient and more likely to get caught in Pokeball. In addition, they can use incense to help keep Eevee in the wild.

If the coach just does not succeed in finding Eevee in the wild, there is always a way trade! for one player with another.

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