When will the next patch update come?

As ESL One Summer 2021 ended yesterday, Dota 2: The community is preparing for the next patch update before International (TI) 10.

Back: TI10: On the horizon, the unqualified teams are going to compete for the last six finals of the regional finals. Dota 2 has been quite famous for its irregular patch updates. Because Valve never informs the community when the next patch update will stop, fans stay in the dark and can only speculate when the next patch update will arrive.

Dota 2 Patch 7.29 was released on April 9, and since then four sub-programs have been released for the game. But as Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) ‘s final specialty expires this month, and regional qualifying games begin in two days, the Dota 2 community is hoping for a possible patch release.

When will the next Dota 2 patch go down?

As ESL One Summer 2021 ended with the promotion of the T1 Cup, Robson “TeaGuvnor” Merritt announced the possible release date of Dota 2 patch 7.30. According to him, there are two ways to release the patch.

  • Right now, before the start of the regional election
  • After the end of the regional election round

With just two days to go before the start of the regional election, refusing to update the new patch will upset the balance, as everyone has to explore new opportunities before a very important election. However, if the Dota 2 patch drops to 7.30 drops after the end of the regional qualifying round, it will be almost three months as the new patch update comes out.

It can put an end to many obsolete players in Dota 2, և see Dota 2 lose popularity every day կող players side by side, keeping the community in the shadows without any patch updates for so long can damage Dota 2 in: ,

However, it would be a better choice to release the patch update at the end of the regional qualifying round, as leaving right now could prevent many new teams from adapting fairly quickly և end up.

Everyone who can do it now has been waiting for Valve to release Dota 2 patch 7.30, before or after the regional qualifier.

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