Top 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft Guardian

Minecraft: throughout the game just added one of the scariest crowds.

Beware of Minecraft players Guard it’s dangerous: This brand new hostile crowd will be added in the second half of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. Guardians can be found deep in the ground in Minecraft world in dark caves. They will attack anyone who makes a noise, be it other crowds or players.

This article highlights some interesting facts about this terrifying creature that Minecraft gamers may not have known before.

5 Interesting Things About Minecraft Wardens

5) blind as a club

Warden is the first blind crowd in Minecraft. Do not consider this a disadvantage. As in real life, those who do not have one of the five senses become stronger than the others.

Designed with guards sculptural sensors built into their heads. This means they can detect movement and sounds. Guards do not need to see to find or attack players. If the player is close, the jailer will know. Therefore, the guards will most likely find the player before the player can even find the guard.

4) Stronger sculpture sensor

Controllers can experience a wider range than the average sculpted sensor, further increasing their level of danger. This means that if the player can be detected by a sculk sensor, they will definitely be detected by the jailer. If the player is not skilled in acting secretly, it is recommended that they stay away from this new evil mob as much as possible.

3) Only for terrible purposes

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Even if he loses, the manager may not give up any of his use, although rumors are circulating about the subject of the new cup based on this horrible creature. Mojang tried to make it clear that fighting prison is simply not recommended.

In fact, fighting Warden is only useful for proving a player’s level of skill in the game, distinguishing it from other powerful mobs who often drop useful items needed to complete a player’s Minecraft world. Aside from bragging rights, the guard’s only goal is to be afraid. It certainly does a good job, especially given the fact that its very presence will vibrate the lights nearby.

2) The strongest crowd of all time

It is no exaggeration to say that the warden is insanely dominant. Some members of the Minecraft community have calculated the new crowd և decided that it might be even stronger than it ender dragon,

The enemy, which is stronger than the final leader of the game, would be significant in any video game, և Warden is at a whole new level. This beastly mob can inflict 31 damage on a player in one fell swoop, resulting in instant death without the right gear. Even with full netting armor, players can still hardly match this crazy creature. Fortunately, the attack range of this crowd is relatively small.

What’s worse is the words that I can spell I often mistype. It can do more harm than good. The supervisor has about 84 health points, which will be equivalent to the player’s 42 hearts, which makes him twice as resilient to the crowd as the average player.

1) To fight or not to fight?

In short, if a Minecraft player is wondering whether to have a fight with Warden or not, the answer is NOT difficult և fast.

However, if the player decides to be brave and take on this leading role, it is advisable to fight long distance. This means that a good bow և many arrows will be useful, as well as snowballs that the player can throw at the guard from a distance to keep it away. Fighting with an Arden oyster is not recommended under any circumstances unless, of course, the player wants to eliminate his health, hunger, level ումը inventory with death.

With all these warnings from the teacher, the player may be better equipped to deal with this horrible mob if they are unlucky enough to find it in their Minecraft world. It should not be stressed that if a player encounters this monstrous creature, they must quickly run in the opposite direction.

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