Pat McAfee should follow SmackDown behind him

Pat McAfee He has been one of the most exciting and exciting commentators on the SmackDown bulletin board since joining Michael Cole. It is safe to say that he is doing a great job, almost everyone can agree on that.

However, there are some people out there who are not happy – will never be happy with Pat McAfee’s success.

In fact, one of the NXT superstars suggested that he might just visit the former Indianapolis Colt runner.

Former WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole hinted at making its debut on its main list on Twitter. Cole took to Twitter to express his disgust with McAfee and immediately responded to WWE via Fox, saying where to find him.

Cole said he was aware of Pat McAfee’s whereabouts, and that the WWE universe should never forget that he does what he wants to do when he wants to.

“Never forget… do what I want… when I want… և Pat sucks. #Life Lessons with AdamCallBayBaysaid Adam Cole

Right after the SummerSlam corner, WWE will try to change the situation և add new stories for the biggest summer party. The controversy between debutant Adam Cole and Pat McAfee is to be welcomed, especially given the amazing meetings they gave us on NXT.

Adam Cole may have to wait before he can get his hands on Pat McAfee

Adam Cole may not like Pat McAfee, he may be itching to put his hands on the former NFL superstar, but he may have to stand in line. There is another WWE superstar in SmackDown who is not happy with it.

King Corbyn recently appeared on The Bump, where he discovered it he was not so happy after Pat McAfee’s pranksCorbyn feels betrayed by McAfee, whom he considers a close personal friend.

Corbyn is unhappy with Ricky Bugs բացահայտ Shinsuke Nakamura’s outspoken support for Pat, believing he has changed sides.

He went so far as to threaten to put Pat McAfee on the table if he continued to play air guitar and percussion with Rick Bugs.

Who would you like to meet Pat McAfee in the first place if he ever returns to the ring? Adam Cole or King Corbyn? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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