Japan will allow 10,000 local fans to attend the Tokyo Olympics Coronavirus epidemic News:

Organizers warn that competition could move behind closed doors if coronavirus infections increase.

Up to 10,000 fans are allowed to take part in the Tokyo Olympics, but organizers warned that the competition could be closed behind closed doors in the event of a rise in coronavirus infections.

“Given the government’s restrictions on public events, the Olympic spectator limit will be set at 50 locations, with a maximum of 10,000 people in all locations,” a joint statement issued Monday said.

The decision was announced after five-party talks with the organizers of Tokyo 2020, the Government of Japan, the Government of Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee.

The decision on the spectator of the Paralympic Games is postponed until July 16. The Tokyo Games will open on July 23.

“A framework will be put in place to monitor the status of infections and medical care using expert advice,” the statement added.

The latest move contradicts the recommendations of the country’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Shigeru Omi, who said last week would be the safest way to host the Olympics without fans.

Omi had previously called the hosting of the Olympics “abnormal” during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Speaking before the meeting, IOC President Thomas Bach said he was “absolutely convinced that a decision will be made to best protect the Japanese people and all participants.”

A few months ago, the activities of foreign fans were banned. Officials say that the local fans will be under strict rules. They will not be allowed to rejoice, they will have to wear masks and then they will be told to go home immediately.

Organizers say 3.6 to 3.7 million tickets are in the hands of Japanese Aponia residents.

The Games were postponed for a year due to the global health crisis.

More than 786,000 coronavirus cases have been reported in Japan, including nearly 14,500 deaths.

But the spread of vaccines there has been slower than in many developed countries, only gaining momentum in recent days. About 6.5 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated.

On Thursday, the Japanese government of Aponia approved a moratorium on the Tokyo virus a month before the Olympics, but imposed new restrictions that could severely restrict fans from sporting events.

The state of emergency in Tokyo began in late April, mainly restricting the opening hours of bars and restaurants, and banning them from selling alcohol.

The organizers also face a skeptical society. Surveys show that most Japanese people prefer to postpone or cancel games altogether.

Recent polls suggest a softening of the opposition, more in favor of holding the Games than a cancellation unless a postponement is offered as an option.

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