“It is not a question of whether Battlegrounds Mobile India will be able to create a thriving community, but of how big it will be.” – Shiva Nandi, Founder / CEO of Skyesports.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: It is expected to bring a significant change in the scene of Indian sports as it is today.

Along with the notable hosts of the tournament, online individuals were quite expressive of their thoughts on what the community can expect when the Krafton title is officially launched.

Skyesports Founder / CEO Shiva Nandi also shared his views on BGMI. In a special partnership with Sportskeeda Esports Abhishek Mallick, he unveiled the esports ecosystem to be created by Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

Q. PUBG Mobile was the most prominent market leader in Indian mobile sports before the ban. Given its many years of success, how much do you feel Battlegrounds Mobile India will do now that its beta (Early Access) is finally here?

Shiva. We are witnessing a massive response from the Indian community Early availability of Battlefields Mobile IndiaԽաղ The game has already passed over five million downloads, մեծ most broadcasters generate the same number of views as before, if not higher. Esports teams are also starting to open their lists.

With these statistics, I am sure that the game will regain its former glory. Despite the gap of 10 months since the game was banned, its community has not gone anywhere.

H. How good do you think Battlegrounds Mobile India will be compared to PUBG Mobile in terms of internal and external involvement as well as community involvement? Do you think that will create a prosperous market for the community in India?

Shiva. In terms of engagement, India is already a leading market for the game. We have a vibrant community that is sure to grow with BGMI.

India’s mobile sports community is unmatched by many regions of the world except South East Asia.

Like I said, the game is already generating numbers as before. I do not think it is a question of whether BGMI can create a thriving community, but of how big it will be.

Games like Valorant, Free Fire և Clash of Clans are gaining popularity in India, Valorant Mobile և Apex Legends Mobile: will only increase competition.

Q. PUBG Mobile was one of the biggest titles Skyespsorts regularly hosted. After the ban, you started to focus a little more on exclusive computer game games, helping games like Riot Game’s Valorant significantly engage the community. With BGMI’s live broadcast later this year, will your attention be shifted to the Krafton title once again?

Shiva. Skyesports is known for hosting many game titles. We have never been limited to one title. In 2020 alone, we played nine games.

Of course BGMI: will be one of the titles of our tournaments, but it will not be our only focus. We want to see a diverse gaming community in India that will never cease to be the main event for other games.

Q. In the final live broadcast of Early Access, what were the most striking similarities and differences you noticed between Battlegrounds Mobile India և PUBG Mobile և?

Shiva. The game is almost the same, except for a few elements, such as Red Blood Without, which Crafton added to reduce the violent aspect of the title.

Being only India, I was expecting a lot in localizing Battlegrounds Mobile India. This includes multilingual support when all graphic transitions are translated into regional languages.

Unfortunately, this did not happen, but I look forward to it in future updates. Although BGMI is designed for 18+ players, publishers should have rules և game monitoring in regional languages ​​to avoid poisonous խոս hate speech և offensive language.

H. Skyesports plans to finally launch for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Shiva. Yes, we do add Battlegrounds Mobile India: to our annual leading IP, Skyesports Championship 3.0, which was recently announced to have a huge prize pool. 55 la

In addition, we plan to hold more regional and local tournaments.

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