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The network will be the first Israeli media outlet to be established in the UAE since last year.

The Israeli-based i24News television network has announced plans to open an office in Dubai, the first to do so since relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates were normalized last year.

“Over the past year, we have witnessed regional diplomatic changes that provide opportunities for business contacts and cooperation,” i24News CEO Frank Mellul said on Monday.

“The establishment of our office in the media city of Dubai gives us a strategic platform to expand Middle East coverage from the very heart of the region’s media industry,” he said.

The news channel also announced a number of agreements with the UAE, including the exchange of content with the publisher of the English-language daily Gulf News, and advertisements for the UAE Ministry of Tourism.

Mona Al Marin, Director General of the Dubai Media LM Government, welcomed the “establishment of cooperation between the UAE and the Israeli media”.

Dubai Media City CEO Majed Al Suwidi said the addition of i24News to the center “adds to the rich global diversity of media.”

Shared reporting

The two main telecommunications operators in the Emirates, Etisalat և DU, will be transmitting content from i24News, which broadcasts in Arabic, English and French.

In December, a TV channel based in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv signed a deal with Abu Dhabi Media for the archive content of the general program.

The state-owned company Dubai Media Incorporated has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with i24News to collaborate on content creation, media technology and employee exchange programs.

Dubai Media Incorporated also said it was connecting its media to the “fiber of peace” with the fiber-optic line connecting Israel to exchange information.

Last year, under the so-called Abraham Accords, mediated by the United States, Israel established ties with the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, while Sudan withdrew earlier this year. Prior to that, Egypt and Jordan were the only Arab countries that had diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Palestinians condemned the normalization of ties as it severed the policy of the Arab League, which insisted that there should be no relations with Israel until it stopped occupying Palestinian lands and disagreed with an independent Palestinian state.

Israel has already entered into a number of deals with both the UAE and Bahrain, from tourism to aviation and financial services.

This month, the first student in the emirate began studying at an Israeli university.

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