Indy wrestler mocks Charlotte Flair in hell on cell phone

Yesterday at WWE Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair came out square against the RAW women champion Rea Ripley in the championship game. The Queen managed to defeat Ripley, but not in the way she had imagined.

After the champion hit her in the face with a piece of the host, Charlotte won a DQ victory. To make matters worse, Ripley threw Chaplot in the middle of the ring with a Riptide before heading out for the title.

It still seems that Charlotte’s worries are far away, as the independent wrestler Warhors captured the 10-time women’s champion in a cell in hell on his Twitter page.

At one point in the meeting, he saw that Charlotte had not been hit on the knee by Ripley, who was standing on the carpet. The video quickly spread through the internet և One such Twitter user wanted to know what was going on.

Warhorst jokingly replied that it was because he handed over control of his little brother, comparing Charlotte’s situation to a WWE video game.

Although there are various speculations online about what Charlotte Flair’s intentions were in the video, Flair himself has not yet responded.

As for Warhorse, he is as famous in indie wrestling as he has been! AEW Dynamite: where he unsuccessfully challenged Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.

Charlotte Flair in a cell in Hell in 2021

Charlotte performed with dignity at Hell in a Cell on Sunday. After returning to the red brand, Charlotte quickly turned against the fans and returned to her horny roots.

She made it clear that she would be coming to Rea Ripley և for her RAW Women’s Championship. He was finally given the opportunity to overthrow the latter within the ThunderDome in the last PPW of the WWE.

But, as already mentioned, Charlotte won the DQ over “Nightmare”, which does not allow the title to change.

What do you think is next for Charlotte Flair? Do you think that’s a flair for Flair’s Hell in a Cell? Let us know in the comments section below.

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