ICC will sell reserve day tickets at a reduced price

The International Council of Ricci (ICC) has decided to reduce the ticket price for the final day of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) final at the Hampshire Cup in Southampton, India.

The ICC has added a reserve day (June 23) to ensure a “full five-day game” in the WTC final. The backup day (maximum) will consist of 330 minutes or 83 times.

The PTI report quotes an ICC official as saying:

“Yes, the tickets for the sixth day will be reduced. This is a common practice for test matches in the United Kingdom. “Because the Test Meeting is only open to UK residents, the ICC is following the same guidelines.”

Tickets for the summit clash cost three tickets: 150 GBP (15 444 INR), 100 GBP (10 296 INR) և 75 GBP (7722 INR). Reduced prices will be 100 GBP (10 296 INR), 75 GBP (7722 INR) և 50 GBP (5148 INR).

Former cricketers crack down on ICC after rain in WTC final

On the opening day of the WTC final, after a full wash, 64.4 fat was expected on the second day. On the third day of Sunday, only 76.3 checks were possible.

The morning session of the 4th day was also washed away due to the weather conditions that forced the judges to dine.

Former cricketer VVS Laxman thinks the ICC did not have the right rules, as both teams would like to win the WTC final after two years of intense competition.

“It’s very sad for the fans. I think the ICC did not get the rules right. “Everyone said yes, you want a champion,” Laxman told Star Sports.

“Having so much time, I’m sure they could afford at least 450 overs in 90 days. This is something I would expect from the ICC. “We were excited that there was a day off, but I’m not sure if the game could end (even with a day off) if it continued to rain.”

Shane Bond, a former New Zealand shooter, believes that due to rain delays, the WTC final is more likely to end in a draw or victory for New Aland անդland.

“Both teams want to play to win. The other is that the pitch has so much to offer the shooters that even if you play for three or four days, we can still get results. If the weather delays last a long time, it sometimes means that only one team can win after the rain, if New Aland ելland beats well, it’s their best position to win the WTC final, but I’m with VVS “But how long will it take? I would like to see 450 overs and one team come out of the top.”

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