How to catch a shiny Swinub in Pokemon GO

In: Pokemon GO: Swinub Spotlight Hour will start in 2021. Tuesday, June 22. The event will take place from 18:00 to 19:00 local time.

Many trainers are now looking for the best way to prepare for the event և catch the Shiny Swinub.

Swinub is an icy terrestrial-type Pokemon that eventually transforms into Pylosvine և Mamosvin. It is weak against fire, fights, grass, water and steel movements.

Swinub’s best moves in Pokemon GO are powder snow and bounce. This movement combination has the highest overall DPS և is the best transfer of PVP battles.

The sleek version of Swinub is highly desirable, especially when shopping. Glossy Swinubs are light green in contrast to their typical brown.

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Catch the Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Many trainers are now looking for the best ways to catch Shiny Swinub (Image via Niantic)
Many trainers are now looking for the best ways to catch Shiny Swinub (Image via Niantic)

While there is no specific way to catch a glowing Swinub in Pokemon GO, there are a number of tips that trainers can use in the spotlight.

The best way for a trainer to prepare for Swinub Spotlight Hour at Pokemon GO is to buy their Pokecoins and buy incense. This will help attract as many Swinubs as possible.

Pokeballs need to be supplemented as much as possible, as this will provide the maximum chance of catching a shiny Swinub. Berries also give players a significant advantage when trying to catch the desired Pokemon, so that convenience is a must.

Swinub promotes snowy weather, so Pokemon GO players have a better chance of encountering Pokemon in this weather.

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