Everything about Inazuma Electro Archon և his latest performances

Genshin Impact will soon release a new edition of Inazuma, so Electro Archon will definitely get a look.

So far, the Genshin Impact has only briefly mentioned Baal, the Electro Archon. As he is the keeper, players expect Baal to make his debut as a playing character, and leaks suggest he will arrive as a pole user. Moreover, the leaks provided detailed descriptions showing the design of the guard’s predicted characters.

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Baal story և leaked performances at Genshin Impact

Baal, known as Raiden Shogun և Electro Archon, rules the Inazuma nation. Due to the leak, Genshin Impact gamers expect miHoYo to release a play character in future updates.

Based on various canonical descriptions, Baal can be a self-centered, proud character. He monitors the “God of Eternity” for saying that his reign as a master is shorter than that of Venti or ong ogli.

The story of Baal under the influence of Genshin

Mostly Baal stories remain hidden. However, it is known that he was not one of the seven initial winners of the Archon War. Trave travelers do not yet know what happened to him at the Electrical Hall or how Baal came to power, but these questions are likely to be answered in Inazuma.

The most well-established knowledge about Baal relates to recent events in the Teywat story. Based on the Genshin Impact rule, travelers are aware that Baal has not been awarded Electro Vision for a whole year.

Moreover, about a year before Genshin came to power, Baal issued a decree to hunt down the Ghost. Inazuma is now pursuing the owners of Sight, retracting the visions of the citizens.

Casserole ից Baal from the outflow section (picture via Dimbreath)
Casserole ից Baal from the outflow section (picture via Dimbreath)

For unknown reasons, Baal now sees the Ghosts as divine blessings to be used only by the divine. As such, he now offers the returned Ghosts a statue of God.

Presumably, Baal wants to capture Kazuha in particular. Eventually, he realizes Vision, but it is unclear whether Baal has any other motive for capturing him.

Next to the Vision Hunt command, Baal shut down the Inazuma nation, preventing people from entering or leaving. However, according to the Genshin Impact Wiki, Baal knows about Lers travelers and expects to see them when they reach Inazuma.

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Baal image formation in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Travelers have yet to meet Baal, և miHoYo described only his appearance, suggesting that he use a female vassal. However, a few leaks made Baal design.

The popular leak, abc6, identified Baal rendering as NPC.

According to abc64, the Baal NPC design may differ from the design of his playing character. The other two have no characters in different character formations, as is the NPC, but Baal is a bit unique. He does not hide his status as a guardian, so it seems unlikely that Baal will otherwise appear as a playable character.

However, due to this unique feature, the leaks suggest that Baal may have several different formations, so it would not be surprising if he wore several outfits in the main story.

Prior to the abc64 post, another popular Genshin Impact community համայն fan artist, Lumi, leaked Baal performances. They are almost identical to the abc64 images, perhaps with a slight difference in hair length.

It is noteworthy that the representations of both abc64 and Lumie show that Baal has braided hair, different from the previous leak. Naturally, some players have paid attention and are now questioning this change.

The explanation of hairstyles can be quite simple. Rumor has it that Baal has several different specimens. So he can wear his hair differently, he wants to see himself as Raiden Shogun or Electro Archon.

Baal deliveries have been quite backward among many leaks, as evidenced by abc64 և Lumie records. That’s why players can be more confident that he will really be like the current predictions. Although Baal’s official design has not yet been released, he may look different from the waiters.

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