Does Dong-kyung see the future? Fans are speculating about the burial place.

Doom at Your Service Episode 13: left the fans in the volley due to the fate of a female և male lead.

Inside Doom at your service Episode 13, Dong Kyung ուլ Mulmang were finally able to find memories of each other, but the dream of Dong Kyung’s funeral made fans wonder if Dong Kyung was able to see the future.

Doom to your service time slip theory

Theory joins an episode in earlier episodes Doom at your service in which Dong-kyung recalls watching Mülmang sob at the funeral home.

Dong-kyung believed he had seen her before when he was at the funeral home after his parents died. But what if it were not so?

What if the funeral was really Dong Kyung? After all, he remembered the incident only after Sonyeoshin collided with him,, it is not hard to believe that Sonyeoshin would play Dong-kyung or Mulmang.

Thus, it would mean that Dong-kyung is also able to look to the future. His dream, in which he saw Mulmanng in tears, may not be a simple dream. It can be an indication of where his life is going.

If so, Dong-kyung’s death is certain. In that case, what was Mulmang’s choice? Would he try to disappear after Dong-kung’s death? This is a question that Doom at Your Service episode 14 will answer.

Episode 13 կապ The connection between the theory of time slip

The funeral scene shows that Mulmang և Dong-Kyung may find himself in a time slip imposed by Sonyeoshin in the future. If Dong-kyung chooses not to forget his memories of Mulmang, as Sonyeoshin wanted, the two may be stuck in a slip where they are unable to move forward.

Here’s how fans linked the funeral scene to Doom’s promo promo in episode 13 of your episode. A fan discussing the Reddit episode wrote: it will happen with ML և FL, like him ով with the love triangle. In the preview we saw that he was crying. Did he see the future or did it really happen? Are they stuck in a circle? So many questions?

In response to this Redditor, another user added the theory և said: “It is not the first time he has seen that vision. Remember earlier, when it was like in eP / 4, when TDK was talking about how he was crying in the women’s funeral, I think that woman was TDK herself because she started seeing that vision, when God met him, և he is a god, maybe he remembered that he was crying when his parents died. A little memory game. “

Can Sonyeoshin plan all this for Mulmang?

Mulmang has always known that Sonyeoshin dominates the design of destiny. Thus, this theory would make perfect sense, except for a few details that distinguish the scene of the first burial, which is presented in the 13th episode of Doom at Your Doom.

For example, if you look back on a previous episode of Doom during your ministry, the scene witnessed by Dong-kyung took place in the parents’ funeral home. He noticed that the funeral was not for a young woman but for an old woman.

This can mean two things. Either the producers do not intend to include it in the chronology, or that the old lady is actually Dong-kyung, which will show that Mulmang և Dong-kyung lived a good life until she reached old age.

Of course, the decor of the funeral hall was also quite different from the previous one. So it would be interesting to see how this funeral scene will be used in future episodes of your Doom service.

The 13th episode of Doom at Your Service will air on June 21 at 9pm Korean time, and can be streamed via Viki.

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