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Al Jazeera Digital is collecting two wins for the 46th Gracie Awards for Outstanding Work by Women աշխատանքի.

The digital division of Al aze Azira Media Network won both Grace Awards for the excellence of the work produced by women:.

Adding to Al Jazeera English’s previous victories, the June 9 announcement meant that Al Jazeera Digital’s content was winning a prestigious competition.

The organizers of the 46th edition of the awards, hosted by the Women in Media Media Foundation, celebrated a year marked by the example of women who “pushed the media forward, those who set out for the future.”

The Best Podcast Host Award went to The Take host Malika Bilal. The Take is an award-winning, interview-based news podcast based on Al Jazeera’s worldwide coverage of British journalists.

Bilal joined The Take in 2020 after eight years as Al Jazeera co-hosting The Stream, and in 2013 the online community was at the center of the Grace Award-winning TV news talk show. The Take is headquartered in Washington, DC, and is produced by Stacey Samuel.

The Best Online Producer Award went to AJ Contrast CEO Ah Ah Rasul for “Still Here”, a multi-award winning immersive experiment that uses virtual-augmented reality to explore the mitigating effects of incarceration on black women in the United States.

Still Here, which premiered as the Sundance Film Festival in 2020. At the festival, she tells the story of the sharp challenges faced by women prisoners as they struggled to rebuild their lives after years in prison.

“I’m proud of what the teams have been able to accomplish in such a short time,” said Carlos van Mick, director of digital innovation and programming. “As a legacy host, we are not usually known for podcasting or diving documentaries. Take և AJ’s opposition changes all that. ”

“They are fast becoming the cornerstone where we plan to take the next step as we grow audiences across all our digital platforms. “Such awards prove that we are moving in the right direction.”

The Grace Awards gala meeting will actually take place on September 27 at the Beverly Wilshere Hotel in Los Angeles, honoring women on television, radio, and digital media.

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