5 Reasons Why Wonderboy Can Get a Title Ahead of Leon Edwards

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson is widely regarded as one of the best men in professional mixed martial arts. This was later confirmed when he received the NMF Memorial Belt from Ariel Helvani.

That does not change the fact that, for all its conveniences, the Wonderboy is one of the most dangerous drummers in the world today. The 39-year-old, who constantly despises Father Time, ranks fourth in the UFC lightweight division.

Thompson has long և “fought” and defeated some of the best in the world. Before Kamaru Usman overthrew Tyrone Woodley, the “Wonder Boy” was the man who came closest to doing the job, not once but twice.

While the British Leon Edwards is in the undefeated line of ten fights, actively fighting for the title, he may have to wait for the future. Edwards’ recent tour saw him beat Nate Diaz by unanimous decision at UFC 263, but unfortunately for the Briton, he was shocked in the final moments of the final round. Therefore, all the attention of the fight is focused on The shock at the last minute of Diaz, unlike before Edwards’ rule.

Wonderboy’s struggling to shoot in the middleweight division պետք’s to face Gilbert Burns at UFC 264. If Thompson wins, he will its cement suit to resist the middleweight king Kamaru Usman. Although Leon Edwards was also waiting to face the champions, occupying a higher position than Wonderboy, there is a good chance he may have to wait longer than the veteran.

In this article we will see 5 reasons why Steven “Miracle” Thompson can get the title before Leon Edwards.

5) age

Leon Edwards is currently at the peak of his life. The 29-year-old Jamaican is just beginning to reach the pinnacle of his athletic ability և there is still a long way to go in the game.

Wonderboy, 39, is probably looking forward to his last race for the UFC title. His title fights with Tyrone Woodley left everyone wishing. The first fight was called, he shot, and the second saw the two fighters avoiding weapons.

Steven Thompson has long been the mainstay of the top 5 in the middleweight division, more than paying his dues to claim the title shot. As a game veteran, he deserves one last try to win UFC gold before his time is up.

4) The “miracle boy” is a bigger threat than Edwards

Steven Thompson is one of the best strikers he has ever seen in the UFC և, without a doubt, the best striker currently living in the middleweight division. He has a huge arsenal of various weapons, in addition to the great capabilities of defense defense and conflict.

“Wonderboy” is great for putting pressure before attacking, while at the same time making a great anti-shock with a perfect schedule. Throughout the life of karate kickboxing, Thompson reflexes are sharp and the tools are extremely fine.

Kamaru Usman entered the UFC as a wrestler, but became a phenomenal striker under the tutelage of Trevor Whittman. This was exposed so that the world could see when Usman was Phenomenally knocked out Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261,

That said, it will be interesting to see if Usman tries to challenge a high-level striker like Wonderboy to his feet, or if he returns to his wrestling practice. In that case, it is worth watching Thompson deal with the enormous pressure of the “Nigerian Nightmare”.

3) Better recent tours

While Leon Edwards has a well-rounded game, he has previously fought and lost to Kamaru Usman. That said, Edwards set a 9-0-1NC record after that loss.

However, in these nine victories, Edwards had only two finals. One was the victory over Albert Tumenov in 2016, and the other was the victory of TKO over Peter Sobotta in 2018.

Edwards’s last appearance against Nate Diaz was supposed to help bolster his claim to the title, but instead eventually became Diaz’s last-minute mess that stole the show. In the previous fight, Edwards met Belal Mohammed, but ended in an unsuccessful non-competition due to an eye injury,

Wonderboy have had two decisive victories in their last two games. He dismantled Vicente Lucien և off of the Nile with world-class strikes և and twice made comfortable decision victories.

Based on recent performances, “Wonderboy” definitely has an advantage over Leon Edwards. If Thompson wins against Gilbert Burns, it will only help his career.

2) Wonderboy is the only person in the top 5 who has not fought Usman

Leon Edwards has three losses on his record, two of which came in the UFC. The first UFC loss was for Edwards in his 2014 debut against Claudio Silva, and the second for Camaro Ousman in 2015.

Effectively, the “Nigerian Nightmare” has beaten everyone in the current top 5 in weightlifting և, in his words, comes to bypass them. The only person Usman still has to fight off from that list is Steven Thompson.

If Kamaru Usman wants to make a convincing claim that he has cleared that section, he will have to fight the Wonderful Boy at some point in the future. The Nigerian native is expected to play in return for Colby Covington to defend his next title. If he beats Chaos, it only makes sense for the champion to fight a new challenge rather than a third rematch.

1) Bigger draw

This is the biggest factor in the game here, which will undoubtedly play in the minds of the rivals of UFC President Dana White և.

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson is a fan favorite և a much bigger draw than Leon Edwards at the moment. If Edwards battles someone like Jorge Masvidal to win a decisive victory, he could very well become more popular with UFC fans.

However, at the moment, “Wonderboy” is easily a more popular fighter, it will pay much more attention to the possible fight against Kamaru Usman.

Given that Usman and Wonderbo can sell significantly more PPV than Usman v Edwards, it is not difficult to see that the UFC would prefer Thompson to the Englishman at this time.

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Do you think the Wonder Boy deserves a title ahead of Leon Edwards if he beats Gilbert Burns at UFC 264? Tell us in the comments.

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