5 Reasons Why Lonzo Ball May Be a Good Choice for the New York Knicks in the 2021 NBA Out-of-Season

Lonzo Bol He is the player that most New York Knicks fans will accept as their starting guard with their eyes closed. The Knicks were thoroughly classified NBA: The series of the 1st round of the Eastern Conference vs. Bring a young manի: Atlanta HawksYoung himself was the main destroyer, averaging about 30 points per game through most of the series.

In: New York Knicks will be happy with their season, given their young core. Some new achievements can also enable them to run deep in the area NBA: play-off next season.

5 Reasons New York Knicks Should Play for Lonzo Ball During the 2021 NBA Off-Season

Lonzo Ball had a very successful NBA 2020-21 season, despite not being able to reach the playoffs with the New Orleans Pelicans. Injuries to both Lonzo Bolly and Zion Williamson at the end of the season meant that the Pelicans finished the regular season 2-6, finishing 11th at the Arcelian Conference. Regardless of this article, we look at five reasons why the New York Knicks should acquire Lonzo Bol in the upcoming off-season.

# 1 Lonzo Ball is the future All-Star

First of all, 23-year-old Lonzo’s ball is the future All-Star they need, can the New York Knicks afford. The improvement of the ball in the last two seasons was not a strange thing in the three-point shot, he is still far from hitting his ceiling.

The New York Knicks spent most of the season with injured Derrick Rose as their starting PG. Although he shone throughout the season, the arrival of Lonzo Boli means they will have two young PGs capable of becoming superstars in the form of Immanuel Cucili և Boli.

# 2 The New York Knicks need a starting PG

Bringing the Lonzo Ball not only ensures the immediate improvement of the New York Knicks roster, but also effectively sorts out the PG position in the long run. The ball goes to Kookili և Rose, who can stay with the Knicks, given his ability to influence reserve games.

New York Knicks - Miami Heat
New York Knicks – Miami Heat

In addition, the acquisition of Lonzo Ball will mean an increase in playmaker goals. He could be the best defender in the circle that the New York Knicks have next season. The acquisition of the ball will mean better depth for the New York Knicks, will allow them to manage through injuries, which this time had a significant impact on their season.

# 3 Lonzo Ball will be a free agent

Surprisingly, Lonzo Ball did not return to the New Orleans Pelicans, which means he will join a limited free agency at the end of the season. Given that the New York Knicks have a $ 50 million off-season cap, they could easily outperform the Pelicans և potential contenders for Lonzo.

Of course, a possible sign and trade can end up being the preferred option, as the New York Knicks have an asset in Mitchell Robinson that can be used to bring the ball in another way. There was talk of a potential trade-off for the likes of the Lonzo Bollyax Axon Hayes, which could prove to be the preferred option for the Knicks. Regardless, they are able to award Lonzo Bol without transferring a lot of assets, so they have to replace him this season.

# 4 Lonzo Ball is a top defender

The New York Knicks do not have perimeter defenders on their list, and although Lonzo Ball will not solve the problem alone, he is a step in the right direction. Trae Young’s influence in the first round of their playoff series was partly due to a lack of perimeter defense, and Ball is already a top defender who will only improve.

New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers:
New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers:

Lonzo Ball is versatile, regularly keeping up with the Pelicans’ best players this season, and needs to further improve his defensive numbers over the coming seasons. Of course, Lonzo Ball numbers are also not nearly average at the moment. He recorded 4.2 saves, 1.5 steals և 0.6 blocks per game, and looks good on his way to becoming an All-Star team candidate next year.

# 5 Lonzo Ball adds a play

Lonzo Ball is a premier playmaker who is only 23 years old. The New York Knicks have been a regular attacking midfielder for most of the season Julius Randle, who himself played 24.1 points and six assists.

The Knicks have a young staff. RJ Barrett և Julius Randle lead the line և Lonzo Ball can prove to be the best playmaker on the team if he makes his way to the Knicks. The ball has averaged 5.7 assists for the New Orleans Pelicans this season, and you have to work with it on the pitch. R .. Barrett highly fertile. The New York Knicks are a rising team, and the addition of Lonzo Ball seems to make sense on all fronts.

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