Well-known activist of the United Arab Emirates Ala al-Siddiq died in a car accident in London Human Rights News:

Alaa was a non-profit executive director based in the United Kingdom who advocated for human rights.

Alama al-Siddiq, a prominent dissident Emirati human rights critic, has died in a car crash in London.

Alaan was the Executive Director of ALQST, a UK-based non-profit organization that advocates for greater freedoms, human rights in the UAE, and the wider region of the UAE.

“ALQST mourns the sudden death of its beloved CEO Alaa Al-Siddiq on Saturday, June 19, 2021,” the group tweeted. “Let him rest in power.”

His father, Mohammad al-Siddiq, is also a prominent activist who has been detained by UAE authorities since 2013.

“Today, the emirati scholar and honest sister, Professor Alaa al-Siddiq, has left this world while his father, Mohammad al-Siddiq, is suffering in infamous prisons. [United Arab] “Emirates,” wrote Saudi activist Abdullah al-Awda.

According to Doha News, Alaa and her husband applied for asylum in Qatar in 2012, where they lived with their relatives.

Activist presence in Qatar և Doha’s attitude towards political activists at a time when the UAE was suppressing dissent has led to a dispute between the two neighbors.

In 2018, Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Assim Al Thani said that in 2015, Qatar և UAE had a dispute over the wife of a politically dissident woman.

Abu Dhabi sent an envoy to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, requesting that the woman be handed over to the Emirati authorities, a request that was rejected by the Governor of Qatar.

Abdullah al-Atba, the editor-in-chief of the Qatari newspaper Al-Arab, although kept secret, later said that it was Alan that the Emirati people wanted to repatriate.

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