UEFA to investigate discrimination in Hungary in Euro 2020 | Euro2020 News:

The European Football Authority says an investigation into “possible discriminatory incidents” in Budapest will be launched amid racist chants and anti-LGBTQ images.

UEFA reports that two football matches of Euro 2020 in Hungary are being investigated for “possible discriminatory incidents”.

The European Football Authority said on Sunday that it had “appointed a UEFA ethics and discipline inspector” to investigate the case without giving details.

The anti-discrimination group Fare, which oversees meetings involving racism and other forms of discrimination, has sent a report to UEFA to discuss the matter with officials.

Saturday in the game against France, Hungary, which ended in a draw 1: At 1 p.m., Hungarian fans marched to the Puskas Arena, displaying a poster urging players to stop kneeling against racism.

The French footballers were beaten and the forward Kilian Mbabane was greeted with monkeys chanting when he was greeted on the ball. Comrade striker Karim Benzema was also a target for the fans.

Budapest is the only city to host Euro 2020, which allows a full set of games.

Discrimination against LGBT people

During the match against Portugal in Hungary in Budapest on Tuesday, the pictures on social networks showed posters with “Anti-LMBTQ” written on them.

The Hungarian parliament passed legislation last week It prohibits the dissemination of content in schools, which is considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment, and human rights groups and opposition parties.

Hardline nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orb ,n, who is set to run in next year’s elections, has become more conservative on social policy during his self-proclaimed illiberal rule, which has deeply divided Hungarians and mobilized anti-LGBTQ immigrants.

For Hungary’s final և last game against Germany in Munich on Wednesday, Mayor Dieter Reiter said on Sunday that he was going to write a letter to UEFA asking permission for the Allianz Arena to be lit in rainbow colors as a sign of homophobia and intolerance. The teams play on Wednesday.

“This is a strong sign of tolerance and equality,” Reuter told dpa.

Munich City Council has already called for the stadium to be lit up with rainbow colors for the last group stage match of Euro 2020, protesting against Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ law.

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