Top 10 Funny Memes from Day 3

Unlike the first two days of the WTC final, fans witnessed a lot of action in all three sessions of the 3rd day of March between India and New Zealand.

The Blackcaps kicked off the third day of the WTC Finals by firing Indian captain Virat Kohl for his 44 overnight run. Soon the other Indian bats lost their kiwi tickets as India collapsed from 146/3 to 217.

Step ies Emison collected five pieces for the Kiwis, and Neil Wagner և Trent Bouldt drew two wickets each.

The New Zealand Openers began their first innings as Tom Latham and John Conway sewed an open panel with 70 runs 34.2 grams. Ravichandra Ashvin secured their first advance for India by sending Latem back to the locker room, but Conway completed half a century.

It seemed Conway would be unbeaten in half with senior Kane Williamson until the end of the day. However, Ishant Sharma broke off the partnership by tarnishing Conway’s wicket. He completely surrendered to the side of the leg, which suddenly hit the intermediate rabid Mohammed Sham with kiwi dough.

The bad light soon interrupted the trial, և Ishand’s end was the final day of the third day of the WTC final. At the moment, Newland land seems to have an advantage, as the Blackcaps trail with 116 passes in the hands of eight wickets. Experienced Ross Taylor joined senior Williamson in the middle.

The best memes from the 3rd day of the WTC final

Fans enjoyed their fantastic Test Cricket Day on Sunday, with some of them active on social media during the third day of the WTC final. Here are the top ten media outlets for the third day of the India vs. New Zealand game.

I look forward to Shikhar Dhawan’s seniority. – Yuvraj Singh in an exclusive interview with SK

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