Shibashis “The Tharki killer” Biswas

Since the early availability of Battlegrounds Mobile India, many content creators և online individuals have expressed some thoughts on the upcoming title of Krafton.

Facebook Gaming Shibashis “The Tharki Assassin” Biswas was one of the many who believe that BGMI, finally getting its official launch, will definitely enliven the mobile esports scene in India.

Shibashis has been one of the most versatile creators of Indian platform content. And while he could have started his channel with PUBG Mobile, Valorant has recently become one of his all-time favorites, along with other GTA V և single player titles.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, Shibashis recounts some of his early days as a content creator, and some of the obstacles he faced on his way to success.

He is quite optimistic about both Battlegrounds Mobile India and Valorant Mobile. He feels that both of these games will help bring quality esports titles and develop the foundations of the Indian esports ecosystem.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

H. Shibashiner, let ‘s start by telling you a little about yourself. What is life like for you outside of The Tharki Assassin?

Shibashiner. Life is really wonderful. When I’m off camera, I’m just a person who believes in finding happiness in the simplicity of life. I’ve always been the same fun and energetic person,, starting my own content creation business hasn’t really changed that side of me.

My journey in this crazy video game industry has really changed my life. These days I often turn to people who turn to Tharki social / gaming events when they turn to me, which makes me very happy with the amount of recognition I have been able to garner.

I am really grateful to my friends, family and Facebook Gaming for the success I have achieved.

H. In a very short time you were able to create an incredible number of followers on your channel. How did you get started? Was this success expected in the early months?

Shibashiner. Definitely time flies, but even then I would not want to consider “short” the time I put into creating content, as it took me almost four years to get there today.

When I first started, I didn’t even have a computer. I was going to a local cafe to stand in line մուտ to access a gaming computer that could provide a stable internet connection of 20 INR per hour.

Streaming was never really my career choice because I was in the medical sciences, I preferred microbiology when I was in college. I had a band / gang at the time, հաճախ we often got our heads together էինք making funny caricatures written for YouTube.

When I started streaming for my channel, I was unaware that content creation was a viable way to make money and pursue a career. So, to put it mildly, this amount of success was not what I expected.

I am grateful and humbled by my fans and supporters even to this day; however, this success was worth it, as I had to decide to drop out of my final year to focus entirely on creating content.

It’s ridiculous to think that I made this decision in a way that I did not yet know what the words “stream”, “influential”, “brands” և “monetization” mean.

H. What is the atmosphere like at home? As a video game content creator, do your parents support your career choices?

Shibashiner. Like any middle-class family, my parents were shocked by my decision to drop out of college. But I was always strong-willed as a child, sometimes very self-confident, so I did not despair. Although my mother was sympathetic, my father supported me in the early days.

Fortunately, by the grace of God, my hard work has finally paid off,: I can openly say that my parents are now one of the proudest in Calcutta.

H. In the early days of The Tharki The Assassin, you gained popularity on the channel over cell phone titles like PUBG Mobile. However, you slowly drifted away from those games to create content on computer-panel names like Valorant, GTA V, Ghost of Tsushima … etc. What prompted this change?

Shibashiner. Well, streaming video games և Content creation was almost foreign to India, even a few years ago.

PUBG Mobile was the title that shook things up, popularizing content creation, giving South Asians, especially the Indian sports scene, a boost.

During this time I would play a lot of PUBG Mobile as this was the only game my friends could play with me. However, I always wanted to diversify my content, I remember the days when I was endlessly crushed in the Persian Empire, in the Age of Empires.

So, like most streamers, keeping in mind my desires, I realized that I needed to change with the audience, to adapt to a new kind of content. So I chose to switch to GTA V և Valorant.

Q. Valorant is also one of the games you often use for your channel. which game do you like the most? Who is your favorite agent և Why?

Shibashiner. Valorant is something I absolutely love. And even as I get older, the child playing inside me comes out every time I shoot the computer. High-speed tactical FPS keeps my mind active and helps me feel alive.

My favorite agent is Reina, I absolutely love her wild personality. However, I want to take this opportunity to say that I hate the referee, Riot just has to take it out of the game.

H. According to Valorant Mobile, the Riot shooter will finally be transferred to handheld devices. Are you excited about your Valorant mobile phone? What are the things you want to see in the game when it finally launches?

Shibashiner. Yes, I’m very excited about Valorant Mobile և I would like to see how the publisher implements the gyroscope as the game moves handheld devices.

Q. Battlegrounds Mobile India is also set to launch later this year. Can your fans expect you to create content for the upcoming Krafton title?

Shibashiner. Of course, I will present content with that. Battlegrounds Mobile India is not just a game but an emotion for the Indian mobile esports community. And although I’m a computer gamer at heart, I’m happy at the same time playing different titles, especially those that contribute to the Indian sports scene economy.

H. What kind of shift do you feel when Battlegrounds Mobile India and Valoran Mobile will have the nation’s mobile sports scene when they are officially launched?

Shibashiner. Both the official launch of the titles and BGMI got their early reach a few days ago, and I feel that even in rural India, people will finally have some quality sports titles in their hands. What more can we sincerely ask for as a fan, as it is a win-win situation?

Moreover, thanks to streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming, enthusiasts around the world can watch their favorite content creators play these games, which can have a significant positive impact on the esports scene.

H. What can The Tharki Assassin fans expect from the TV channel in the coming months?

Shibashiner. In the coming days, fans can expect to see many vlogs on the channel, food blogs, podcasts, live music streams and much more. So it’s going to be more of a ‘real’ than ‘me’.

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