PSL 2021: “I’m not going to hug the bomber after hitting his helmet”

Pakistan և Islamabad United Hassan Ali He said he was not going to hug the bomber or talk to him after hitting his helmet.

Hassan Ali was speaking Sarfaraz Ahmed-Shahin Afridi during the incident Quetta Gladiators: vs. Lahore Calandars game in PSL 2021. Two Pakistani cricketers spit ugly after Afrid hit Ahmed’s helmet.

In the interview Cricket PakistanHassan Ali was asked how he would react if he hit his country’s oldest bat with a jump. Pacer answered.

“As a professional, if you hit a bat’s helmet, it’s your duty to ask once if it’s okay. It is the spirit of sports. But I’m not going to hug the bomber or talk to him after hitting the helmet. After all, this is a cricket game. No archer will want to send delicate deliveries to the fight, to hit four or six people. “

“If the bomber strikes, the archer can check it once as a courtesy. After that, it was the duty of the medical staff to perform a concussion test on the bat. “Just because I hit the bat does not mean I’m going to treat him,” he continued, adding:

As a senior player, you have to take responsibility. Hassan Ali

Islamabad United finished the PSL 2021 championship at the top of the standings with 10 to 8 wins. In fact, they have won their last five consecutive games.

In their penultimate group match against Peshawar group Almi, their senior Usman Khavaya shone for hundreds of people. Referring to the excellent combat efforts of “Islamabad United” during the meeting, where they were the first to put 247 fighters, Hassan Ali said.

“Our captain Usman Khavaya scored brilliantly in that game, հետո after that Asif Ali scored 43 runs in 14 goals. Brandon King also had a great fight during his debut. Colin Munro also had a great start. “So it’s great that Islamabad United were in such good shape, with different strikers in every game.”

Hassan Ali himself has played impressively with the ball, so far demanding 12 draws at PSL 2021. Speaking about his performance, Hassan Ali said that as a senior, he must take responsibility. Pacer announced.

“As a senior player, you have to take responsibility. Young people support me very well. Mohammad Vasim Jr. curled beautifully at Karachi’s feet, just like he did here. Akif (ave aved) returned after a while, և he was also impressed. “This is a really good bowling point. We want to continue to do the same.”

Islamabad United will face Multan Sultan in the PSL 2021 qualifiers on Monday. In Eliminator 1, Peshawar will meet Karachi Kings.

I look forward to Shikhar Dhawan’s seniority. – Yuvraj Singh in an exclusive interview with SK

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