Michael Beltran’s decision not to punish Nikola Negumerian at Uike Vegas 29

Nikolay Negumeranu took his first UFC victory on Saturday night at UFC Vegas 29, but it was not without Mike Beltran.

During the preliminaries, Negumeranu met UFC rookie Alexa Kamuri in the light heavyweight division and made the decision to split at the end of three rounds.

Nikolay Negumeranu lost his UFC debut to Saparbek Safarov in March 2019 by unanimous decision.

His opponent, Alexa Kamur, is the hallmark of Dana White’s Candidate Series, which now has a two-fight losing streak.

He started his winning streak in the UFC with a decision against Ledet after defeating Fabio Cerrant by TKO in the third season of DWCS. He then lost to William Knight’s Nicole Negumeranu at UFC 253 last night.

Throughout the fight, Nikolay Negumeranu was warned by referee Mike Beltran for repeatedly grabbing the fence, but the point was never taken for a foul.

Viewers have caught on, as is the case with more controversial incidents, making their opinions heard on social media.

The Internet is responding to Mike Beltran’s referee’s Alexa Kamur at the UFC Vegas 29’s Nikolay Negumeranu.

Robert Sargent mentioned that there are five separate warnings for Nicolae Negumeranu, which is too much to avoid without losing a point.

Some fans thought that Negumeranu was just lucky to leave with a victory.

Here is one.

Others questioned the UFC’s policy of reducing points by labeling President Dana White.

ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto hit Mike Beltran, saying the veteran referee would rather fight his opponent than take a point from him.

UFC boxer Sean O’Malley joked about how little Nikolai Negumerian paid attention to Mike Beltran’s warnings, which obviously fell on deaf ears.

A Twitter user sent a message to all those fighters who are chasing their account, stating that they can avoid catching at least ten fences before scoring if Mike Beltran competes in one of their fights.

Another user blamed Mike Beltran’s referee for Alexa Kamur’s direct defeat.

There were several tweets mocking the fact that Mike Beltran struck significant blows in the wake of his warning slaps, one of which even compared it to Ben Askren’s post.

Sean O’Malley once again took part in this, this time proposing the idea of ​​a jet show starring Mike Beltran, where he regulates “TikTok” juvenile birds.

Some fans called on Mike Beltran to resign from his refereeing duties due to the slip.

Some of the tweets were funny and humorous, with Mike Beltran finally hitting Nicola Negumeranu’s hand to grab the fence, but still not scoring.

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