McDonald’s will hire 20,000 employees as part of the UK-Ireland expansion

McDonald’s plans to hire 20,000 employees in the UK and Ireland as part of a greater investment boost despite the damage to the hospitality sector from the epidemic.

Plans to open more than 50 new restaurants next year come as the highway struggles lack of manpower This has led to an increase in salaries for employees of British restaurants. Both Brexit and the epidemic have forced foreign workers to leave Britain.

The easing of social exclusion rules, which will allow restaurants to hire more employees, has paved the way for hiring, says the US group.

Its opening was part of a broader investment program that would renew its existing property, including adding Grab & Go options to areas with large working populations. McDonald’s said it was testing a more flexible store layout.

Restaurants and other hospitality companies received support from the Furlow scheme during the epidemic, as business vacation rates և Temporary ban commercial evictions,

However, the Covid-19 suffered heavy losses after numerous blockades, forcing sites to close or sell only long-haul flights. They have much smaller spaces is closed others say they do not expect to pay rent arrears built during the epidemic.

However, some well-funded companies are taking the opportunity to expand.

Itsun, a network of high streets in Sushi, announced on Sunday that it had sold a private stake in Bridgepoint to a private investor that would allow it to open 100 outlets in five years and hire 2,000 people. This is despite the fact that last year the group voluntarily agreed to provide rent reductions.

Its founder, Julian Metcalfe, said the group was returning to pre-epidemic levels of customer visits.

“The epidemic has caused so much chaos in our industry, a severe shortage of young European chefs over the impending challenge of huge food inflation,” he said. “The wisdom is that despite these difficulties, Itsu’s modern menu keeps us busy.”

Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said: “Undoubtedly, the epidemic has had a huge impact on the employment opportunities of many, threatening the future of the country’s streets up and down. “The steps we have announced today reflect our commitment to continue to innovate, to invest in local communities, to the economies we serve.”

McDonald’s operates under the franchise system 1300 restaurants across the UK with around 200 local privileged employees և 120,000 employees.

The company survived the epidemic relatively unharmed, in part because of its shipping offers. Compared world sales in 2020 decreased by 7.7% compared to the previous year.

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