Le Pen hopes that France’s regional vote will give him a taste of strength

French voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect a far-right nationalist from the far-right Marine Le Pen nationalist party ahead of next year’s general election. main challenge incumbent President Emanuel Macron.

Opinion polls suggest RN will be the leader in six of France’s 13 European regions in the first round of voting, although before the second round on June 27, party trade on horseback was likely to oust the party from power, except in the south. Provence-Alpes-C Կte d’Azur Province

Even so, good luck on the french riviera In the second round, if it was achieved under the leadership of RN candidate Thierry Mariani, it would be the first time that the anti-immigration party would win in the French region.

“This Sunday you will have a historic opportunity to create the much-needed change of government in the country,” Le Pen said. says on Twitter after the pre-election meetings all over France.

Among the “Macron supporters” of the weakened left-wing center-right traditional Republicans, Le Pen could do well in the final, even if the RN’s share of the total vote in the first round exceeds 28 percent. reached 2015

Mojtaba Rahman, executive director of the Eurasia Group for Europe, said Le Pen’s regional victory was “a significant milestone in French political history, the first time that the far right controlled more than the middle-class city of Vichy, which favored the Nazis in 1944.”

Governing a region like Provence-Alpes-C :te d’Azur, with a population of more than 4 million, big cities like Marseille, Nice, and Le Pen “would provide unprecedented opportunities for talent in the next 10 months before the first round.” “Le Pen’s victory over Macron in 2022 was unimaginable,” he said.

The district’s district councils, which the French vote for, have limited powers, mainly in transport և schools, մասնակց participation is expected to be low, despite the importance of voting as an indicator of national political tendencies.

The Ipsos poll group predicts that voter turnout will reach only 41%. “The French are thinking of completely different things,” Bryce Tintiure of Ipsos told a webinar last week. “We are coming out of the epidemic. “The prospects for the economy are getting much better.”

But low turnout, polls showing voters more concerned about crime, immigration, and unemployment than Covid-19 are likely to help Le Pen make his mark.

“Abstentions help the most motivated voting blocs, that is, usually the extremists,” François Byrne, Macron’s ally and leader of the MoDem party, told LCI television.

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