Korean Zombie vs Dan Ige:

UFC Vegas 29: It might not have been the most attractive card on paper, but in the end, the show was a perfect viewing event. UFC: Vegas 29 won a major victory for the Korean Zombie in the main event, while a number of other fighters recorded impressive victories elsewhere on the card.

With that in mind, here are the top five winners of UFC Vegas 29: Korean Zombie vs Dan Ige:

# 1 Chan Sung Jung – Dan Ian won the UFC Vegas 29 home event

Chan Sung Jung proved it
Chan Sung Jung proved that he had a lot of space in the tank, convincingly defeating Dan Ige.

Chan Sung Jung could be unfinished Dan Ije At UFC Vegas 29, but he was the clear winner of the main victory, mostly beating his Hawaiian enemy.

Whether on foot or on the ground, the Korean Zombie seemed to be one step ahead of Ige ամբողջ, and probably won all five rounds.

Cons: Brian Ortega, looked the crowd looked slow and flat, which made some fans question whether he did his best. Here, however, his counterattack seemed as sharp as ever, as he also occasionally displayed his underestimated ground play.

Victory does not move Jung down much in the UFC Petroleum Championships, but 14 145 is so full of talent that there are so many great fights for him. The zombie wolf needed a victory here to stay afloat, and he did it in style, making him the big winner of the night.

# 2 Sergey Spivak – defeated Alexei Oleinik

Sergei Spivak may invade the UFC
Sergei Spivak can enter the top 15 of the UFC with a victory over Alexei Oleynik.

Sergei Spivak’s fight with Alexei Oleinik was definitely not so much fun. But the Moldovan heavyweight did enough to win և he should be in the top 15, he will come on Monday.

Times from time to time it was a strange fight, as the most effective crime was probably from Olejnik. But Spivak clearly did enough to secure the victory, which is considered the biggest in his UFC career.

In fact, Spivak proved that fatigue makes all men scared, because it was his favorite gasoline that allowed him to survive the onslaught of Oleinik in the first period, until he took the next steps.

Spivak to win UFC card title in the near future. Probably not because it just wasn’t fun enough. But no one can really sneeze among the victories in the four fights of the UFC, which means that the Polar Bear should be considered a big winner.

# 3 Marlon Vera – Won Dave Grant

Marlon Vera showed his skills against Dave Grant's undeclared enemy.
Marlon Vera showed his skills against Dave Grant’s undeclared enemy.

Dave Grant always felt like a bit of a weird opponent Marlon Vera last night. In the end, Chito played a pretty strong show, even in defeat Jose Aldoև is currently in the top 15 in the UFC in the prison weight class.

At the same time, Grant was much more inconspicuous, despite winning three fights in recent years. However, Vera clearly did not underestimate his British enemy, he won a great victory in the most interesting fight of the night. The network not only added $ 50K to Chito, but also allowed him to avenge one of his earlier UFC career losses, breaking his overall record to 11-6.

If anything, it seemed like one of Charles Oliveira’s fights as he climbed to the top. It was a great victory over a slightly irrelevant opponent, it can only be a good thing for Chito.

Whether he can achieve something close to what Oliveira did is a question mark. But there is no doubt that he should be considered one of the big winners of UFC Vegas 29.

# 4 Matt Brown – Defeated Diego Lima

Matt Brown probably saved his UFC career with a victory over Diego Lima.
Matt Brown probably saved his UFC career with a victory over Diego Lima.

To say that everything was in line Matt Brown UFC Vegas 29 will be underrated if you take into account the current climate in advertising.

In the last few months, the UFC has been cutting aging veterans like no other. And Brown, who had two straight losses and had already retired once, was probably closer to the cutting block.

However, Immortal recorded one of his best victories in recent years, turning off the lights in the second round after a tricky first on Diego Lima, who was injured by a calf blow.

Of course, Brown did not seem close to his 2014 grape harvest, but seven years later, that Brown is probably not there, to be honest.

That means last night’s victory was probably the best we can get from a 40-year-old veteran. Given that he probably saved his UFC career with a victory, that makes him one of the biggest winners of UFC Vegas 29.

# 5 Bruno Silva – defeats Wellington Thurman

UFC debutant Bruno Silva caused a stir by knocking out Wellington Thurman.
UFC debutant Bruno Silva caused a stir by knocking out Wellington Thurman.

It is always difficult for a UFC debutant to make a big impact in 2021. But Bruno Silva did just that last night, opening the most brutal end of UFC Vegas 29 to bring out Wellington Thurman.

Silva struck a really hard blow from the guard to knock out his Brazilian friend, which is rare in the modern UFC, showing how much strength he gathers during the blows.

Based on his record of 20 wins and 17 knockouts, it is clear that Blindado is a man to be followed in the UFC middleweight division.

Of course, he can still find out if he can become a good opponent. But there is a possibility that he can become a fighter for reliable action in the UFC, which in itself will be a huge achievement.

However, this was definitely one of the best UFC debuts in memory.

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