Kanako Murata sheds tears after running a whole ring with a suspicious hand fracture

UFC weightlifting prospect Kanako Murata shed tears after learning that the cage doctor would not allow him to continue the fight due to a suspected hand fracture.

Disappointed with the result, the former Olympic wrestler was obviously excited as he suffered his first defeat inside the Octagon.

A Japanese Japanese fighter suffered a serious injury to his left hand after Virna and Andiroba grabbed him in an armchair at the end of the opening round of the preliminary card at UFC Vegas 29.

The damage to Kanako Murata was very noticeable as he was not even able to lift it above his waist.

The former Straw ova weightlifting champion Invicta showed off his strength as he struggled with pain և kept going.

However, the UFC doctor eventually intervened at the end of the second round, calling for a halt after examining Murata’s hand.

The fight could have ended sooner, but neither referee Chris Togon nor Kanak Murata’s corner stopped the match.

With a defeat, Kanako Murata ended his eight-match winning streak with a 12-2 draw.

At the same time, Andiroba improved to 17-2, securing a much-needed response from UFC 256 after losing to Mackenzie Dern.

Kanako Murata chooses the UFC instead of the Tokyo Olympics

Kanako Murata was going to represent his homeland at the Tokyo Olympics as a freestyle wrestler. She reportedly chose another career path, inspired by the arrogant weight of former UFC women Rousey round,

“At that time I knew what I wanted to do, I have not regretted it for a moment since then,” Muratan said. France news agency“(Rose) became my inspiration և she showed me the way in MMA.”

The 27-year-old dominated the competition in the minor leagues, introducing Liana Pirosini to her Invicta debut five months before winning the weightlifting title against Emily Dakote.

Kanako Murata finally made it to UFC 2020. In November. He was successful in his debut, defeating Randa Marcos by unanimous decision in UFC Fight Night. Fields vs. from angels,

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