Indian women can be the winning team in 4 years. Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg impressed by the way India women conducted their test against women in England, despite the possibility that it would not be in favor of visitors. The wrist of the former Australian left the Indian lower class to fight, not allowing their beating to give a gift to the women of England.

Asked later, the women of India were in deep trouble, with the hosts only three vignettes left to get a modest target to chase and win the game. But such Sneh Rana և: Tania Bhatia rigged an incredible rear guard action that saved the game for Indian women.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Brad Hogg expressed his excitement to see Indian women start acting with red ball crickets as they tour Down Under at the end of the year.

“I think Indian women were fantastic. They struggled to the end to save the test game. They do not have much experience in what England is doing. They are not so skewed. “I’m really looking forward to their game against Australia,” said Brad Hogg.

Brad Hogg also welcomed the young talent coming to the Indian women’s team. With a fantastic debut for Shafali Verma և Deepti Sharma, Hog believes this Indian team could be a force to be reckoned with in four years. He added:

“With the young people coming right now, I would give them four years before they began to dominate like men. They could be the team that has to win in four years so that Australia can get out of the cloak. attitude “:

The female cricket should have five-day tests. Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg believes that the female cricket should be tested for five days. The English Women’s Game of India արդյունք would have been successful if the Test had been held for five days instead of four.

The soul also believes that there should be more than a one-time test in the women’s cricket, as it gives them more opportunity to show their talent, the losing team has the opportunity to return to the series.

“I think they should hold five-day test meetings. I also feel that there should be more than one game in the series, there should be three-game test series. “The female cricket is improving և is the only way you can improve by playing more Test Cricket,” said Brad Hogg.

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