In the class of the top 5 favorites to win the tournament

Beauty: Euro 2020: The current climate is that we are celebrating 60 years of the tournament by playing games in 11 different countries. A full credit to UEFA for organizing everything, the opportunity to host games on the continent allows many countries to be involved. That’s really nice. I participated in the start of Euro 2020, which took place about four years ago, and it was nice to see how the whole tournament has been shaped over the last week.

Portugal They are obviously the favorites to win Euro 2020, but we will not find out who will win the tournament. As a professional, my job is to look closely at all the teams, to analyze which of them can go ahead, but if we knew which team was going to win, we didn’t even need to play. We can just hand them the cup and move on.

One thing I have noticed is that over the years, eight teams have won all of their group stage games, but only one of them has won the tournament, Spain 2008. Impulse is a very common expression in the world. football, but it is the time of separation between games that will have the greatest impact on the trial. At Euro 2020, you can win all your group games և gain a lot of momentum when you do, but that does not mean you are going to win the competition.

You have to learn day by day և keep improving as the games get denser և faster. This applies to both managers and players. Before ranking the top five favorites for Euro 2020, I would like to apologize to England, as Gareth Southgate and his friends are not first on my list. Needless to say, I’m a fan of England, but at Euro 2020 I see some other sides, I think they can be stronger at this point in time.

With that in mind, here are my top five favorites to win Euro 2020, which promises to be an intriguing few weeks.

# 5 England

England - Scotland - UEFA
England – Scotland – UEFA “Euro-2020”. Group D:

I will write this later England: A 0-0 draw against Scotland, but as I said before, you do not have to win every game of the group stage to win the competition. It can even be argued that English painting is a necessary product for them to be able to re-evaluate before the knockout stages. You look at the team և it is clear that they are more than capable of winning football games. They may not be very confident in their abilities, but they did a few things as a result of the draw with Scotland, which brought them one step closer to the knockout of Euro 2020.

Across the field there is quality կ they have such strong players as Harry Maguire և Jordan worm Henderson returning to full fitness. I met a few players before the tournament, and the feeling of interaction was so good. They are such a wonderful bunch, I have reason to believe that the detachment has a perfect balance և harmony.

If the camp is like that now, the harmony will take them to a place where they have to get ahead of the Czech game. They have players like Calvin Phillips, who stood out against Croatia but a slightly different game against Scotland. He was not bad for any part of the imagination, but expectations naturally increased after England’s match against Croatia in the opening match of Euro 2020.

Another player I really like is Ude ude Bellingham, who became the youngest player in the history of the English Premier League when he came on as a substitute in their first game. It may be that, unlike in previous years, when you looked at the likes of David Beckham և Wayne Rooney ել thought that he that: player, England do not have it at the moment. They do not have anyone to look to as a savior, so the burden is distributed among the squad for Euro 2020.

Moreover, if they lead the group, they will meet the team in the third place in Group F, which will most likely be one from France, Germany or Portugal. Obviously, this is not the best draw on paper, but England will accept it.

If you encounter big boys at some point, you can knock them out in the 16th round, as opposed to meeting them in a contest. When I won the FA Cup with Portsmouth in 2008, we won Manchester United In the quarter-finals, it set the tone for the next games. The fact that we eliminated the biggest threat gave us a lot of confidence: կարող England could have done the same if the draw had turned out that way.

You can not plan a perfect victory, but they play only one game away from Wembley, will they try to count it? It will be interesting to see what Gareth Southgate for the last match of the group stage against the Czech Republic.

Will he want to change his attack on Scotland after a mistake? Only time will tell.

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# 4 Portugal:

Portugal - Germany - UEFA Euro 2020. Group F.
Portugal – Germany – UEFA Euro 2020. Group F.

Reigning European champions Portugal are a fascinating team. Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly their mascot, but you take him out, they are still a fantastic side off the field with quality players. The whole mix of talent from the football spectrum symbolizes the teams participating in the Euro-2020 competition.

We need to talk about it Cristiano Ronaldo և his record feats. He is so close to becoming the most decorated goal scorer in the history of international football. Add likes Bruno Fernandez, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Diaz և Diogo ota foot, who all come with unsuccessful seasons for their respective clubs. It’s a team that can stand on its own two feet with any other side of the competition.

At Euro 2016, Portugal recorded only one victory in normal time, which is absolutely astonishing, considering that they went all the way. They were the best team of the year because they won the competition, one can not argue with the fact that they became champions. Their squad was not as good as it is now, but it is determination և organization.

When Cristiano Ronaldo reached the final of Euro 2016, many people wrote them off, thinking that they would not win it, because their mascot had fallen to the ground, damaged. However, they have shown that they are more about combined quality than over-dependence on one player. Portugal does not play the best football, but the only thing that can be done in a big tournament is to win.

In 2004, Greece did not match the odds, it shook the world to win the competition, but they did not do it, playing the best football. It was more about perseverance and wanting to win at any cost, I think Portugal is like that.

Many players on the winning team of their European Championship in 2016 are still confused; they know how to beat the most exciting team without competition. They are undoubtedly one of the favorites of “Euro-2020”, despite the 4-2 defeat to Germany.

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