Apartheid by stealth | Israel

Meet the new occupant like the old occupant.

The Palestinians understand that the exchange of one evangelical extremist as the Prime Minister of Israel with another evangelical extremist will not change in any way how Israel goes methodically, one day after the polishing day, apartheid in occupied Palestine.

If there was any doubt about this predictable outcome, last week’s new bombing of Gaza provided further evidence. The new boy is as fast as the old boy to remind the world that he will use the same deadly machine to traumatize, mutilate, kill as many Palestinians as Israel wants, when Israel wants, why Israel wants, as long as Israel wants, և except for little Ireland, no prime minister or president is going to do or say much about it.

Still, Israel is obliged, as a non-public, unobtrusive exercise, to take out one of the “provocation” rallies to justify as much trauma, mutilation, and murder as the Palestinian wants, whenever he wants, by any means. wants and as long as he wants.

This time, Israeli warplanes worth $ 110 million destroyed several parts of Gaza in a matter of days after landing, setting fire to barren, barren fields with so-called “firing” helium-filled balloons by Palestinians. String “militants”.

“Provocations” are a tired, justifying pantomime.

Be it balloons, slings, burning tires, kites, rocks, or glorified, metal fireworks, Israel knows that it enjoys the free privilege of The Hague to traumatize, mutilate, and kill as many Palestinians as they want, for whatever reason, for whatever reason. վարչապետ No prime minister or president outside of Ireland is going to do or say much about it.

So it does not matter what the name of the last prime minister of Israel, who leads a racist, satirical party, or how he and his supporters were able, with such supposedly mechanical skill, to push an inevitable coalition to finally get rid of the former boy. One indelible constant remains. Apartheid cars have been in occupied Palestine since the day they were crushed, as they have been since the middle of the last century.

Here is one definite thing. Like Israel’s old, fanatical prime minister, Israel’s new, fanatical prime minister knows that most Western television and newspaper editors pay attention to what Israel does to Palestinians in occupied Palestine only when Israel decides to do so. Palestinians occupied in Palestine.

This means that about every few years, after the outbreak of the “explosion”, which is the language of the journalist, when the tools of war “boom”, usually invisible Palestinians appear on Western cable news networks and on the pages of Western opinion. newspapers about talking or writing about how the Palestinians have, continue to be deprived of their homes, lands, imprisoned, tortured, traumatized, mutilated, killed in costumes, uniforms, and robbed of uniforms by bandits.

This is another, now ordinary pantomime.

Offering the Palestinians a little time to point out or condemn the atrocities committed in Israel հնարավորություն offers an opportunity to congratulate the editors of Israeli Western TV and newspapers on their stability. “You see, the Palestinians have their say.”

At the same time, the editors of the same TV station’s newspaper refuse to admit that Israel has been found guilty by human rights groups of operating apartheid (defined by international law, not as a hyperpolic forge), and has had carte blanche since its inception. a license not only to steal Palestinian homes and land, but also to imprison, torture, harm, mutilate or kill unpunished Palestinians.

No matter how disturbing they may be, they keep secret the violent, illegal means that Israel uses to systematically steal Palestinian homes and lands, or how many Palestinians are imprisoned, tortured, injured, maids և murdered in Israel, most of the Western television has publicly defended Israel’s “right” to do all of the above, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To challenge Israel’s “right” to defend itself against the existential threat posed by balloons, slingshots, burning tires, kites, rocks, or glorified metal fireworks is a blasphemous act of geopolitical heresy.

This canonical editorial support for Israel almost literally reflects the equally blunt attitude toward Israel shared by most of the Western prime ministers նրանց when their ally and friend decides to strike harder on imprisoned Palestinians in the already severely wounded occupied Palestine. ,

Here is the Canadian astronaut who became Foreign Minister Mark Garno, not only denies, like the editors of television and newspapers who claim to be held accountable – from any conclusion, from any region, that Israel is an apartheid state, but hysterically assumes The “label” is an anti-Semitic military group.

“The Liberal government’s position on naming apartheid is very clear,” Garno said recently. “We categorically reject it … և we, of course, are completely against any anti-Semitism.”

When he is inevitably replaced by another pedestrian, a card reader, Garno could become the editor of any Canadian newspaper that writes their standard apology whenever Israel harms, mutilates, or kills Palestinians with its endless arsenal. “Blast-Blast” provided by ammunition dealers in Ottawa and beyond.

Of course, the consequence of this persistent phenomenon is that when large-scale and stable screenings of the “explosion” cease, most of the editors of Western television and newspapers cease to invite Palestinians to speak or write about how Israel continues to steal their homes and lands, prisons. Torture, injury, mutilation անում Killing Palestinians with impunity in occupied Palestine.

Invariably, this translates into far fewer “live hits” by TV reporters, mostly from Tel Aviv անվտանգության’s welcome bosom, describing the latest “spasm” of the “terrible conflict” of recent decades. almost equally death և caused suffering on “both sides”.

And the lucky “voices” that received a rare portion of time և space և in cable news networks and newspaper columns to convey the “prospect” of Palestine during Israel’s 11-day deadly fire in Gaza are disappearing because their symbolic presence is no longer required. Provide the audience with the opportunity for balance and justice.

Indeed, the fact that Israel has resumed bombing of Gaza is no longer a “news item” for many Western television and newspaper editors, most of whom are in the center of attention of the frightened when the Palestinians are in a “difficult situation.” squirrel

In any case, the “war” has not yet broken out. When that happens, they’ll be back for a moment. Until then, it usually returns to the rhetorical case as usual. Israel has the right to defend itself, blah, blah, blah, these “militant” Palestinians are just demanding a bloody nose.

At the same time, the Palestinians are left to fend for themselves, largely out of sight of the trauma, frustration, and provocations that have long since become part of everyday life under Israel’s stifling military occupation.

This is apartheid by a thief.

Military, flag-waving Israeli religious zealots may descend on the Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, shouting “Death to the Arabs,” “Let your village burn,” and the editors of the television և shrugging their shoulders.

The brother and sister, who appealed to social media to uncover the possible deportation of Palestinians from the Sheikh Arrara district, are arrested, and the editors of TV and newspaper newspapers shrug their shoulders.

More than 2,000 Palestinians are being slaughtered like animals, imprisoned shortly after the declaration of a “ceasefire” to counter the devastating destruction of occupied Palestine and its peoples, and the editors of “television” newspapers shrug their shoulders.

Israeli gunmen, known as “security forces”, stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, firing rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas, rocket-propelled grenades, injuring a number of newspaper and television fans.

Mazen Besami, an 11-year-old Palestinian, was arrested and “arrested” for allegedly keeping Israel safe, while his younger sister cried, asking for his release, and television and newspaper editors shrugged.

As Human Rights Watch, others have accurately and convincingly stated, the death penalty for apartheid by Israel never ceases. It is carried out before the huge sounds of the “explosion” against the Palestinians, before the sights, then after, which temporarily occupy the television և newspaper editors, who, in my opinion, prefer to talk and write about the crazy atmosphere of Donald. Trump.

The “explosion” is part of the state-sponsored “systematic persecution” by Israel in all of occupied Palestine.

The voluntary reluctance and failure of Western television newspaper editors to admit this provable fact, to completely reconsider their coverage of what is happening to the Palestinians “on the ground” in Palestine, make them complicit in Israel’s stable, inhuman “inhuman”. Uncoordinated practice of apartheid.

When a Palestinian occasionally appears on television or in print, when Israel repeats the explosive show of its “explosion”, it is unlikely to compensate for this widespread, shameful blindness.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Al Jazeera.

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