5 mini-games that exist inside GTA San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is one of the most popular games for longtime GTA fans and gamers alike. The game was very accurate in presenting the 90s.

It enabled players who wanted to go to GTA 3. Not only did the game have historical side missions, but players could move around freely at will. Players could roam the streets of Los Santos and do whatever they liked. GTA San Andreas also had various mini-games that players could enjoy.

This article will focus on the 5 mini-games that exist within GTA San Andreas.

5 mini games in GTA San Andreas

1) basketball

Basketball was a great addition to the Rockstar Games at GTA San Andreas. Players could play basketball (if not during missions) if they wished. The nearest court was right next to Sweet’s house. Players can play there for fun. If players wanted to play in a team, they needed a bigger pitch. One is above the bridge near S. J.’s house. Playing is quite simple չի It does not take time to learn.

2) Billiards

At GTA San Andreas, players can challenge any NPC bar that has a pool sign in the game pool. A bet can be placed, and then CJ will start playing pool with him.

If players win a game, they win everything they bet. A fun և fun for players to just get lost in the world of GTA San Andreas.

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3) Roulette

The rules of roulette are similar to the real version of the game. Players place numbers on numbers, such as sets of numbers, pairs of numbers, odds, or pairs of red or black. If the ball lands on a number, number set, pair or color of their choice, the player wins. Players can bet և win game money while not on a mission.

4) slot machines

Slot machines are another way of betting. Players are given a wide range of payouts, from small amounts to large sums at GTA San Andreas. Winning money for players depends on the symbols. Players can also improve their gaming skills by playing such games.

5) Wheel of fortune

Players can also pass their time by playing the wheel of fortune. In this game, players must choose six places: $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20 և star. The payout for each area is shown in dollars, for example, a $ 1 bet on $ 1 will give you $ 20. After completing the bet, the wheel will be sent. If the wheel comes on the player’s bet, the player will win. If not, the player loses.

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