List of items transferred from PUBG Mobile to BGMI via data migration

As previously mentioned by an impact like Ghatak և GodNixon, most of PUBG Mobile will ship to Battlegrounds Mobile India. The players were happy to hear this news, as they would like to get back all the content of their old accounts.

However, data migration does not support access to the Google Play Store, it can only be done via Twitter or Facebook. The developers have listed Battlegrounds Mobile India in the support section. This article is the same.

Items shipped from PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India:


Basic information:

  • Avatar:
  • Avatar Frame:
  • Title:
  • Name tag:
  • Information about the flag
  • User level:
  • Evo level
  • Basic information handling (role, my tags, signature)

Theater floor և statistics

  • Layer Overview Data (Current Season Data Only)
  • Career data (current season data only)


  • Theatrical units
  • Season Recap data (Current season only)
  • Progress Season awards ել missions

Prohibition / earnings status

  • Prohibition status քի Prohibition period

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Achievement system

  • Achievement points:
  • Achievement progress
  • Achievement icons
  • Achievement rewards require status
  • Achievement rate data
  • Achievement Compare progress և overall progress (Compare progress is transferable, degree is not transferable)

Social lobby

  • Data for each season in the social lobby – degree overview (only current season data is transferred)
  • Unlocking status of social property, vehicle, respect display և Equipment displayed in the social lobby (slot unlock status is transferred and display is not transferred)

Cheer Park:

  • Emote in Cheer Park

Space gift

  • Space Gifts (Temporary / Permanent)

Game currency:

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  • Outfit / backpack
  • We have skin
  • Vehicle skin
  • Unloading skin
  • Item (some items may not be transferred due to the different system of the New App)


  • X-Suit skin modernization progress
  • Display products purchased through X-Suit Skin as a result of inventory updates

Renewable weapons

  • We have unlock status
  • Ap level
  • Upgrade materials
  • Unlock status

Partner system

  • Partner unlock status
  • Partner-White hawk level

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Ap we DIY:

  • Acquisition status of the proposed layout
  • Special layout creation status
  • Layout slot status
  • Open the status of the weapon example, color գույն symbol
  • The number of slots in the example of a locked weapon
  • Open the status of the usual copy of the weapon և how much can be produced
  • The presence of a mirror feature on the display of the weapon example

Character system:

  • Character status
  • Level information after raising the character level
  • Unlock character of the character set
  • Character unlock status
  • Vehicle Acquisition Status
  • Vehicle level:
  • Vehicle unlocking status

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RP Pass:

  • RP buy, level, points
  • RP Consecutive Shopping և EZ Mission License
  • RP Level Reward (Status, Reward), Exchange Goods (Status, Reward, Exchanges)
  • Received status or received RP UC or AG awards (either UC or AG selection status is not transferred, but items are transferred)
  • RP theme collection (status, award); RP point (point card, vouchers, promotion cards, mission cards)
  • Reopen the box (box type, box item restricted status, purchase status, award receipt, box barrier sample type, box barrier option quantity, box barrier cost, box replacement status)
  • RP season data file, week 1 classification file, rating award file (only current season data is transferred)
  • Badge level, RP badge RP badge



  • Status of downloaded gift


  • Separate lobby որակ quality of combat videos. Picture quality, frame adjustment, screen adjustment
  • General parameter. Anti-limiting, color fading, shades, brightness, notch screen UI application, auto adjustment
  • Volume adjustment. Sound quality, screen sound և sound effect, sound

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TDM weapon settings

  • In the global version, customized parameters of the weapon after unlocking the parts of the weapon

Mission system

  • Daily mission details
  • Progressive missions
  • Season Challenge Missions
  • Daily missions. Weekly activities, seasonal challenges. Game time of season:
  • Mission card amount
  • RP mission progress


  • Beginner mission progress

Team platform

  • Team voice rating քանակ number of ratings

Ace badge

  • Display the Ace badge at the top right of the social lobby
  • Ace Badge Display Information:


  • Disc:
  • Vehicle menu system settings

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