Karrion Kross և Bronson Reed Behind SmackDown

NXT Champion Karion Cross եթ Scarlett with the North American champion Bronson Reed, may be behind the scenes at SmackDown in the evening. Both Reed and Cross have had incredibly dominant performances recently, and with the latest major lists, WWE may be trying to bring them up sooner rather than later.

At TakeOver. Over the weekend at your home, Karrion Kross destroyed some of NXT’s top stars in one game, proving he is one of the most devastating champions the brand has ever seen. In case of big victories over the best offered on Tuesday night, can we see that he will be transferred to the main team sooner? If you have to believe the reports, it is very likely.

Kross was not the only champion to rudely run over the brand as Bronson Reed put all of Legado Del Fantasma at the event during the event, with the help of MSK, of course.

Can Karrion Kross և Bronson Reed fly to SmackDown?

According to the PWInsider report, current NXT champion Carion Cross, his manager / attendant Scarlett և Bronson Reed were observed behind the scenes tonight WWE: ThunderDome.

According to the website, it was rumored last week that Cross ար Scarlett will be transferred to the main team. Karrion Kross’s last big show was NXT TakeOver. In Your House, where he successfully defended his title against Adam Cole, John Oni Gargano, Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dane.

Kross և Reed are probably in the dark before SmackDown in the evening. If so, it seems that they can very well get up very quickly.

With a few holes left in the list after the latest releases, will Kross և Reed move to SmackDown in the next few months? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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