“I had to set several traps”

Former UFC middleweight champion Tyrone Woodley made a prediction against his forthcoming struggle Ake’s Paul,

Appearing in the “Believe Me” podcast hosted by the former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, Woodley said Paul would finish in the third round of the fight.

“I think three [rounds]I want to say first [but] The first round sounds like a throat, it sounds nonsense … I just know that if I fight Tyrone Woodley, everyone will tell me to hide, be a storm, squeeze them, catch them, keep away from you, stay away և be careful right for hand. I have to put some traps. Maybe I need a couple of turns to set some traps to see how he responds. [in] “Third, I think I should be able to clear the deal,” said Tyrone Woodley.

You can watch the whole interview below:

Ake Eke Paul will compete in a boxing match on August 28, 2021 with UFC veteran Tyrone Woodley. In his last fight, Paul knocked out Woodley’s teammate’s friend Ben Askren in the first round.

Meanwhile, the “chosen one” was slipping into a four-fight before breaking ties with the UFC.

The fight will take place inside the 20×20 ring, the weight limit of the two fighters will be 190 pounds. The fight will consist of eight rounds, and both fighters will have 10 ounce gloves.

Tyrone Woodley plans to train with Floyd Mayweather for the upcoming fight with Jake Paul

Tyrone Woodley accepted Floyd Mayweather’s offer to train the “Chosen One” to fight “osen and Paul”.

Speaking to Michael Bisping, Woodley said:

“Yes, he is [Floyd Mayweather] offered to train me. You must use it. “Even if he just gives you two or three gems, you know, they are gems that he does not give to most people, people just have to look at him in some way, try to understand what he is doing.”

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