How to find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

Lapis lazuli is the ore you need to find Minecraft: players who love to cast their spells.

An update to the first installment of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs has been released so far, bringing with it some minor ore changes, such as texture differences հյուս deep sheet insertion.

However, when the second installment of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update is released, each ore will be affected by a new ore change, including lapis lazuli. The main differences will be where the ores form on the map, particularly the Y level.

There are several different ways to find and obtain lapis lazuli in Minecraft. The following is a basic guide to help you find lacquer lazuli in any of the Minecraft Caves նոր rock renovations around the world.

How to find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft 1.17

Caves փոփոխ rock changes

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The first major change that will take effect after the release of the second installment of Caves & Cliffs is the transition from lapis lazuli to rare. In essence, this means that lapis lazuli ores will be a little easier to find as they occur more often than before.

Soon lapis lazuli ores will be located between Y levels, from 64 to 64. This range is much wider than it used to be in both directions, with a noticeable increase of over thirty blocks. The Y level at which lapis lazuli will most often be found after the second part of the cave թարմ rocks is refreshed will be -1.

A rare change from the rare, the wider range of ore production, I hope, will make the localization of lapis lazuli easier than ever.


Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The main way to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft is to extract lapis ores.

Although classified as rare, lapis lazuli is not difficult to find. Simply locating a cave փ digging around is the most common way to find puppies.

To find a cave, players can either explore above ground until they find the entrance to the cave, or they can dig underground in the hope that they will leave. Players must check their Y level when searching to make sure they are within the range of lapis lazuli.

Loot chests

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

If locating ores proves to be extremely difficult or time consuming, there are other options when it comes to finding a lacquer on a Minecraft map. Lapis lazuli can be found in the form of material: plundering breasts,

Although not always guaranteed, lapis lazuli have the potential to be present in three different types of looted chests. Players must look inside Desert temples which can be found in desert biomes, minesweepers, which can be found underground in any biome և buried treasure chests, which can be found before the shipwreck is located և after a map of buried treasures that may be found in it.

As soon as players can find the lazuli lazuli, they should find out that they will have a lot of lapis lazuli from now on.

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